Goleada. Managers, Teams, Players

Managers, Teams, Players


Managers, Accounts, Friends

People from all over the world not only compete in Goleada, but also make friends here.

Yes. You can send free scout and get players in your team. You can use them in the squad, or sell them. You decide.

You can have (a.k.a. register/own/control/login in) only one user account. But if you have time you can manage several teams at once, following a simple rules.

No. It is forbidden to use more than one account. If you manage multiple accounts, they all will be closed.


Teams, Trophies, Team Rank

You can manage up to three teams at same time. Your teams should be from different nations and in different leagues. They cannot participate in a same international tournament as well.

As many as you need.

By winning leagues and tournaments. There are Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies for every league and tournament. You can sell every trophy and receive Nano in your personal Nano wallet.

Every match affects your Team Rank. The team rank affects attendance (fans) on areana. The fans give a boost to the squad during the matches.


Players, Skills, Training, Auctions

During the matches, the players participate for their roles according the skills they have. Higher skills means better play (if the skills are suitable for the role, of course). In Goleada the individual skills matter, not the sum of a group. One player can decide the game.

There are 7 Technical Skills - Shooting, First Touch, Passing, Decisions, Dribbling, Tackling and Goalkeeping. And 2 Physical Attributes - Strength and Speed. Different roles needs different set of skills. Some skills are meaningless for some roles - for example Goalkeeping is not needed for forwands at all.

Every player receives one training point per day. The collected points are distributed from the manager, according his vision and strategy. The skills are limited from the player potential and they cannot grow above it.

You can get players from a free scout or on the auctions. On the auctions the managers sell their players, you can choose players accoring your needs. On auctions are listed players, sometimes on a price that is almost free, a.k.a. you can get that amount from Nano Faucets free (enoght at least for starting bid).

Nano Faucets

You can send on auctions every player that you want. When the auction ends, you will receive Nano transfer from Goleada to your personal wallet - the winning bid amount minus 20% taxes (fees for the game).