Goleada. Soccer manager game

Soccer manager game


LIVE, Orders, Substitutes

Yes! Unlike the similar games, Goleada matches are really played LIVE (no pre-calculation as the others). Any lineup change or team order is set asap and you can see the result of your decisions.

During the LIVE, you can make up to 3 substitutes and give as much orders you need.

It is based on probabilities. Better skilled players have better chance for following orders, good actions or vs opponents.

Two half times (15 minutes each), 5 minutes break between, 35 minutes in total. In the tournament matches, if there is no winner - extended time (2 of 5 minutes), 1 minute rest. If there is no winner again - penalty shots.

No. Especially if your strategy is not winning trophies. Your players will follow the tactics you set them in advance. Or the default one.

Each match is played only once. No matter what happened, matches are never replayed.

Leagues and Tournaments

Leagues, Seasons, Schedules

Goleada leagues are based on real world countries. If there are not enough managers from a country, they compete in the Regional League until their number grow enough to move to own league.

Top league, 4 second-level leagues, 16 third-level leagues, etc. 8 teams compete in each league. Each season - the first one wins promotion, Playoffs for the 5-th and 6-th, Relegation of the 7-th and 8-th positions.

The season is exactly two calendar months, 6 seasons per calendar year. 18 matches per season (on Mondays and Thursdays).

Many club international tournaments - The Cup of Champions, The Goleada Cup, The Cup Winners, The A-Cup, The B-Cup. There are National teams tournaments as well.

Making Choices

Earning strategy, Long therm strategy, Match tactics

Goleada is a game of choices. A lot of choices - long therm and daily decisions. You can read about some of them below, but there are much more.

Should you play competive and try to win trophies and medals? Or you prefer to trade players? Or to train players and sell them when they grow? Or the easiest - just share Goleada around and get Nano reward of every spendings of the people that you invited.

What are the best players for a winning squad? Which positions are important? Which skills are must have, on what level should you stop training?

What is the best lineup of my squad? How to position them? What are the weakest areas in opponent lineup? How to score? Etc.

National teams

National teams tournaments, coaches, elections

Two competions are hold once per 4 seasons - The World Cup and The Continent Cup. The NT tournaments are just for fun, no awards for the trophies.

The manager of national team selects best players from his country and competes agains the other countries in the NT tournaments.

The NT coach is elected by the all managers from his country. There are elections before every cicle - Continental - World tournament.


Chat & Articles

There is a chat room during every game. You can comment, discuss, advise, joke and have fun with other spectators.

You can share your proud moments with the community. You can comment success, games, events, etc. with your friends and the managers around.