This is Goleada*

Football manager, Multiplayer game.

Run on a web browser, No downloads and install.

Free to play, NOT Pay to Win!

Matches almost every day, the Season is about a month

Quick - spend less than 10 minutes per day.

Simple and easy - players with only 8 skills.

Fast start - your start team is good enough.
* It means goals. A lot of goals.
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Play Smart! Become a Champion!

Find and Train the Best Players

Create the Optimum Tactic and Line-up

Control and Substitute During The Live

Win the League, Take the Cup!

The Game

3D Player and Transparent Engine

3D Player

3D Player runs in all major web browsers. Note that Internet Explorer 11 or Edge is required to run it. 3D Player runs in mobile Safari and Chrome for Android.

You can test your browser and device here - the 3D Player is in box on the left. If it not works for you, you should try with different browser, or worse - on different device.

Transparent Engine

The main idea behind this is to make the engine easy to understand. It shows the pure "decisions" of the players during the game, probabilities for one or another action. This is usable for many decisions - tactical and strategical.

You can test the Trasparent Engine Log by checking "Show Engine Box" in the 3D Player, on the left.

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