Goleada. Earn Nano Cryptocurrency

Earn Nano Cryptocurrency

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The easiest path - Earn Nano with the Affiliate program

Get your link and share it with others. For one calendar year, you will receive a portion of all the Nano spent by people who registered through your link. This includes purchases made for team actions, tickets, and stadium improvements.

Write a message or posts on social networks. Write an article and publish it somewhere. Or just send this link with email, phone message or SMS. If someone enters Goleada through it, you will be counted as an affiliate linked to that manager.

At the same time that your linked manager finishes a deal, you will receive your Nanos in your personal Nano wallet.

No. You do not need to play at all. Just fill the form and put your Nano account on which you want to receive your Nano reward.

Affiliate program


Earn Nano by trading game assets

Buy cheap players at auctions and sell them later at a higher price.

You can sell your trophies at auctions.

Train the players and sell them when they are skilled enough and at a good price.

Develop your stadiums and sell tickets to the opposition.

When the auction finishes (or tickets are bought), you will get 80% of the amount paid in your personal Nano wallet.