Goleada. Free Play To Earn Soccer Manager Game

Free Play To Earn Soccer Manager Game

Unique Football Manager

Just play a fast 10-minute game

Play as a guest

Create your team and join the leagues


3 Game Models Together: Free, PlayToEarn and PayToWin

Switch between them at any time you want

1. Free

Play for free using the scout. Train your players and build your squad. Compete in the tournaments and win trophies.

2. PlayToEarn

Make Crypto by selling all scouted players and accept that your team will struggle. Earn Nano by trading or training.

3. PayToWin

Do you want a quick entrance, fast success, and the best players? Go to auctions and buy players sold by other managers.

Free Football Manager

Yes. You can send a free scout and get players for your team. Use those players in your squad or sell them. You decide.

Sell or trade players, sell trophies, sell your team standing, become an affiliate. Get earnings directly in your Nano wallet app.

LIVE games. That is Goleada. Substitutes, orders, suspense - it is live, really live. Leagues, tournaments - a lot of games.

What do the managers say?

...about the game.

Goleada is Unique

"Unique engine! Be a real coach making player changes LIVE during the match.

Change positions, set new individual and team orders at any time you need, make DECISIONS to get the best result in your matches."

Goleada is Different

"Goleada has everything that others don't have. Sit on the bench and give orders to your players in real time. Tell them where to position themselves and what to do.

Never seen in any other game."

Goleada is Chess Alike

"I thought I was going to cast a spell. I was faced with the reality that it’s not that simple.

This is not a game like a game. Maybe half football, half chess."

Goleada is a Relation

"Goleada is like a boyfriend / girlfriend .. he makes you have fun, he makes you happy, he makes you angry, sometimes you would like to leave him .. but in the end you always come back to him :)

I forgot .. women like it :)"

Goleada is Lightweight 3D

"You can make game changing decisions in the tactics editor, train your players to be stars and enjoy the 3d match engine.

Give it a go cause you're gonna love it."

Goleada is Full Control of the Match

"Don't rush to get results ... be patient in your first season and try to understand how to use the editor."

Goleada is new Friendships and United World

"...there are 2 types of people in the world: those who play GOLEADA, and those who don't like football ... ;)"

Goleada is Groundwork and Preparation

"Planning and perseverance: this will take you far."

Goleada is Rest and Relax

"... welcome to the border between virtual and reality."

Goleada is Teaching of Self-Control

"Be patient, watch big matches, apply tactics, try new tactics, learn from lost games.


Goleada is...

"Best soccer manager! Great community! Live football like you've never seen...

Welcome and have fun!"

Compete with managers from all around the world

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