The players are very simplified, they have only 8 skills: goalkeeping, shooting, dribbling, tackling, passing, decisions, strength and speed.

Each player can be placed in any position on field. However, it is better if the player has the right skills for the specific role. For example, it is not a good idea to use a goalkeeper with low goalkeeping level and high shooting. The player will not be able to keep the door (because he has less 'Goalkeeping'), and he will not be able to use his 'Shooting' because he is too far from the opponent's net.

The top limit for strength and speed is 20 points, for all other skills the limit is 100 points.

Every working day (from Monday to Friday) all the players get one new skill point. The managers could add this point to desired player skill. (Skill Up)

When player reach the age of 28, they start to lose their skills. At 28 they lose skill points very rare, but during the next seasons they will lose skills faster.

Some players are talented in one or more skills. The talented players have a number with percent just after the skill points. This percent shows how better will perform the player in the games.