Selecting Pass Target

The skills that take place in selecting a pass target are strength and decisions.

From strength depends which players could be pass to (within the players pass range).

The actual pass target selection is based on Decisions skill. It compares the teammates according to their position, opposition neighborhood and gives them a percent weights. According these weights the target is selected.

When(If) a player decides to pass, he takes one or many decisions:
- should he pass to the teammates in his team penalty area
- should he compare players by their position or will just select someone randomly
- some players could be skipped just because of bad decision taken
- if player is selected, the ball could be delivered in the player's Attack movement direction, or player's free space, or just to the player
- if the passer can't find good target, he can select best opportunity or randomly one from all opportunities
All these above are based on many decisions in a row. Higher Decisions guarantees much more right decisions during that process.

And don't forget that at last, although the player's wonderful pass-target-decision, the pass could be ruined by bad passing skill.

On playground below you can see all these above. The players are numbered by their weights (if the choice is smart) or randomly if the player takes stupid decision.