Player choices on the field

All players on field have 4 base desires - to shoot, to pass, to move(run) and to clear the ball. They depends on player's position on field and the setting in players path.

On every point on the field there is a mix from these desires, depending how close is the player to his path-points (D-A-E).

For example the probabilities could be:
- 20% to run
- 25% to pass
- 55% to shoot
- 0% to clear

the player takes his decision from according these probabilities. The biggest probability is to choose to shoot, but he can chose to pass or move as well.

Every of these choices could be seen in engine-log. It looks like like this:
Meuleman: Run-62% vs Pass-6% vs Shoot-32%

Here are the defaults (* they could be modified with tactics-editor):