Movement and Choices

Every field player (without the ball) moves between two path-points: D and A.

D - is the position when his team is in defense.

A - is the position when his team is in attack. If the attack time is long enough and player reaches A, he will stay there and wait for the ball.

If a player controls the ball, he runs to A and after reaching the path-point he proceeds his movement to the next position, named E (end path-point).

During his movement between D,A and E path-points, the player controlling the ball, takes several times different decisions - to run, to pass, to shoot or to clear the ball. If the player decides to run on all over his path and he reaches E (end-path-point) he doesn't have "run" choice anymore, so he is forced to pass, shoot or clear.

The default path-points, paths and choices could be seen in the playground below. (With tactics editor, managers can tune or change all these positions and numbers)

About the movement and path-points - more information could be found on tactics-editor help page.

On the next playground, we can see players in real environment (it is just a slice from a game, starting when a player gets the ball and ending when a player decides to pass, shoot or clear (a.k.a. end of ball control).

During that time (this little slice) the player takes one or more decisions, that could be seen on playground.

You can replay one situation many times to get better idea of player choices.

You can set the player path-point when he gets the ball as well (closer to D or closer to A).

Here is the playground: