Match Strategy

Managers can boost different skills of their players for every single match.

Selecting match strategy for the game will increase corresponding skill of every player in the team.

For example - Dribbling strategy will modify all player's dribble by +20%. If a player has a 100 dribble, after the boost he will play with 120 dribble during the game.

Goalkeeping, Tackling, Dribbling, Passing and Shooting strategies boost is +20%.

Strength and Speed strategies add +10%.

There is one more and most powerful strategy - Match Of The Season (MOTS). It boosts all skills of the players. This strategy can be used only once for the season, but it can be extremely powerful weapon when the right game is selected.

The managers can set match strategies:
- on Team Timeline screen for every future game

- or on Dashboard for the next comming match