Every national championship is organized into leagues in hierarchical structure - one highest league at the top, two on second level (2.1 and 2.2), four on third and so on (depends from the teams number).

On the topmost national league:
- the first team wins the National Title
- the second and third win medals - silver and bronze
- the first, second, third and sometimes forth teams will participate into international tournaments next season

On the lower leagues:
- the first team wins a badge.
- the first and second teams win a promotion to higher league.
- the third team wins a opportunity for a playoff for promotion

On all leagues, that are not lowest level:
- the seventh and eight teams will play a playoffs against a teams from lower leagues
- the teams on 9-12 place will relegate to lower leagues.

All the promotions, relegation and playoff opponents can be seen in the boxes over and below the league standings table.