The Ability of a player to 'see' the game and to take better decisions.

Player with more Decisions:

- Wants to pass more often
- Select pass targets (teammates)
- Increases his desire to clear the ball when it is closer to own net
- Observe more tactical guidance in defense
- Looking for more space and new positions when team is attacking
- If he is goalkeeper - holds the ball more, waiting for his teammates to move forward
- Shoot if opposite GK is not ready
- Keep the ball from enemies
- Run on free space ahead
- Stay closer to personal kept players
- Not shoot if the goal is blocked
- Shoot on the ground on empty goal
- Selects the farthest corner from GK for shoot-target
- Check if pass-targets are covered
- Not pass in own penalty box
- Creates counter-attacks
- Tries lob shots
- Pass into free space
- Not pass if nobody is well-positioned
- Tries sliding tackles if opponent is strong in Dribbling
- Cover up his fouls in the own penalty box

Shot target selection:

Lob shots:

Passing Target(Teammate) selection: