Forwards, They aren't Messi or for that matter Pukki

Sigh... The title race is over

Mod- Michael Mouse
The Linlithgow Rose manager has locked his 3 forwards in the dressing room after despite attempting to dribble the opponent goalkeeper 34 times they only scored 1 goal. This is mostly thanks to the opponent having 5 players on the goal line and the goalkeeper winning 95% of the duels. Apparently luck was not on The Rose's side or in the 3 forwards case, talent. The Linlithgow Rose manager will consider letting them out of the dressing room tommorow for the League Cup Semi-Final however he believes based on todays performance...

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[Goleada] Latest news

The freezed games in America/Oceania are recheduled.

The Italian cup is restarted - the tournament will start tomorrow, 3 rounds will be played during the week, the final will be on Sunday.

The others tournaments that are freezed (Club world cup, Outsiders and Underdogs) will not proceed and will not have a winner this season. Next season they will start normally.

The conversion to freemium teams is applied.

All the premium teams get one month free extension.

Have a nice holidays! And be he...

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