What happened in the Italian championships


Season 38 saw the fall of Ziggy's and the overwhelming return of La Banda Bonnot , who in the title race will be the main antagonist of Inter-net .
Mr. Claudogs 's team takes the lead in the standings with a long list of positive results, and only Mr. Maxstirner 's team is able to stay hooked.
Shortly after the start of the return round, the Inter-net forced to the tie against Ziggy's (1-1) remains with only one point of advantage over La Banda Bonnot winning (3-2) against ADS.
In the championship race, Teomartina also took 5 points from the top, farther away, Ziggy's, A.s.tronzi , I Picciriddi , Ads , hunting for "European".

In two matches from the direct confrontation, La Banda Bonnot is defeated (4-3) on the difficult field of Teomartina.
ASTronzi and Inter-net are faced after the tremendous effort in international cups (AsTronzi winning against PSG and Inter-net defeated by Botev / Pd). Mr. Maxdino 's team expected by the European semi-finals and focused on "recovering energy" is defeated (3-6). Inter-net brings 4 points to its lead in the standings.
The victory of La Banda Bonnot against Inter-Net (4-3) in direct confrontation reduces the advantage to just one point ... but the Inter-net keeps its advantage winning the next two races, and winning first time the title of Champion of Italy!
La Banda Bonnot ends second, Teomartina third, Ziggy's fourth.

In corporate crisis crash Apostrophe , who go back in second division together with Superstar , Pro Scarponi and il 29 ottobre 2010.
Balengo Boys and I Picciriddi ends to Play-Out

In the national cup, the elimination of Inter-net in the first seasonal defeat by Ziggy's hand, launch Mrs. Cipo68 's boys in the semifinals against Pro Scarponi and next in the final against La Banda Bonnot, winning against AsTronzi.
In the final Ziggy's (PDS) defeats La Banda Bonnot (PDS) (3-1) by playing at its best, winning the Cup for the first time!

Inter-net will defend the Italian colors Champions League
Ziggy's in Cup winners Cups (winner of the Italian Cup)
The Bonnot and Teomartina bands in the Europa League

SERIES 2.1 2.2
In Group 2.1 Dodos Fc wins the championship, the surprise Obi Wan Fc makes a miracle by centering the promotion at the first attempt, accompanied by a fall in the league final of the Alien United that gets play-off placement defending the position from Blackdevils , Fc Lokomotiv 1959 , Falciano Ac
They are back in the 3rd division division 2017, Real Bellizzi , Serpentazzi and Lazio . Benetton Treviso and Neapolis Bbq at play-out

In Group 2.2 Ec Roma wins the championship, Jazz finishes in second place defeated three rounds by the end of Barcollona , who ending third in the playoffs. Fourth place for New Team .
Play out for Solomia and Juventus1963
They are back in 3.X division at Alla's Randlers , Spartani, Seniles and Pajarulo Boys

SERIES 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4
3.1 Black Team wins the championship in front of Eskere and Vitallia
3.2 Catania wins the championship in front of Fedayn and Occult
3.3 Biella wins the championship in front of Rossogialla and El Ciko
3.4 Lokomotiv Aldonia wins the championship in front of Pedritas and Acr Messina

No promotion in Major League for Alien United defeated by Balengo Boys (PDS) (1-4). Surprise in the other game: Barcollona wins against Picciriddi (4-2) earning a place in the top category, relegating Mr Michelino 's team to second category.

Playoffs/out 2.X / 3.X.
Fail promotion Vitallia and Neapolis BBQ defeated respectively by Benetton Treviso and Napoli1 . They are back in series 3 Solomia and Juventus1963 defeated by El Ciko and ACR Messina who go up by category.

That's all!
Good luck for next season


Melga (19:47, 2 NOV 2017)
Great once again.

I have no sure, but I don't think there's direct confrontation in the championship.

@Mitaka, can you help us with this doubt?
Dev-mitaka (20:10, 2 NOV 2017)
"@Mitaka, can you help us with this doubt?"
I don't understand the question?
Melga (10:04, 3 NOV 2017)
If I end up the season with the same points of other teams who will be the first one?
Dev-mitaka (10:06, 3 NOV 2017)
"If I end up the season with the same points of other teams who will be the first one?"
Points -> Goal difference -> Goals scored
Claudogs (10:24, 3 NOV 2017)
@Melga "direct confrontation," I mean, the championship match between two teams, which compete for the same goal. In Italy, this expression is used.
Melga (11:36, 3 NOV 2017)
@Claudogs: in PT that expression means the score difference between both teams in their matches. For instance you win me 2-0 at home, I win you 1-0 at home. You will be the winner if with the same points at the end. Like in international competitions.

@Mitaka: tks. It seems I have not understood Claudogs in the beginning.
Lowballz14 (21:02, 3 NOV 2017)
@Melga, this is also called 'head-to-head'.
in england if points are the same on a table the team with better goal difference will be above. however, in italy, france spain and a few other leagues if points are the same, the team that has the better head to head record (e.g. barcelona and real madrid both on 67 points but the combined score of the league games they have played against each other is barca 4 3 real madrid. therefore, even if real madrid has superior goal difference, barcelona will be above them in the league table
Melga (21:36, 3 NOV 2017)
It's exactly that Manfred. Head to head. But the direct translation to the portuguese expression is "direct confrontation", and since my english is not very good I missunderstood.

The PT league also uses head to head system.