My perfect season

Three ouf of Three


Dear friends,

It has been an amazing challenge to fight until the end in all three competitions.
First I won the cup, then, in a dramatic clash in the last round I won the Championship.
Today, I managed to gain the victory against the best Goleada Team, Oly Lyon in the Champions League final.
I started the season with a Goleada rating of 1337, now we are 1676. What a joy for me, what an achievement for Romanian Goleada community.


Claudogs (16:02, 27 SEP 2017)
Triplete! Congratulations!
Adi_m (16:21, 27 SEP 2017)
and may i say: what a comeback! from 1-2 to 7-2! well done! indeed it is a great achievement for romanian community, congratulations
Aptul (16:36, 27 SEP 2017)
Thank you Claudogs, I rember our game from last season.:)
Adi, it was an excellent game, both mots, both put more effort and online. A lot of changes during the game. The best thing for me was that i believe ain the tactic i thought its appropriate for this game and I stuck with it, no matter the score.
Cris (16:39, 27 SEP 2017)
The most important thing, like in real life, is to believe till the end, i told you this few days ago and now you can celebrate. Congratulations:)
Aptul (16:41, 27 SEP 2017)
Multumesc Cris. Tu ai fost primul manager cu care am conversat pe chat, ma intrebai cum de sunt clasat asa de jos.:)
Maxdino (16:42, 27 SEP 2017)
Congrats, you are the best team and coach I've seen until today.
Aptul (16:49, 27 SEP 2017)
Multumesc Cris. Tu ai fost primul manager cu care am conversat pe chat, ma intrebai cum de sunt clasat asa de jos.:)
Aptul (16:57, 27 SEP 2017)
You are very kind maxdino, i was very lucky in group stage. My team is good as they are european champions but there are at least 10 teams better than Steaua. And much more managers far better than me. Grazie! Bocca al lupo!
Redstar (17:33, 27 SEP 2017)
Congrats you should win the title for the manager of the season in Goleada ;)
Onesti (06:33, 28 SEP 2017)
Bravooo !!!
Dohake (11:41, 29 SEP 2017)
Congrats, you have made all underdogs in the game believe. You give us the confidence that anyone can beat the big teams in Goleada. Incredible season, for your club, enjoy it!
Aptul (13:38, 29 SEP 2017)
Thank you dohake, you were a tough opponent in semifinal. You would have your own chance in the final. Thank you for not playing mots with me, it was an interesting tactical game with you.
Maxstirner (15:49, 29 SEP 2017)
Congrats Aptul! You had the most difficult group in champions against my Banda Bonnot and Botev and you've eliminated both of us! Bravo!
Aptul (16:03, 29 SEP 2017)
Ciao Max! Our match was so important in this campaign, not because it was the first one but the succes builds confidence, I realized that i can do it. I owe you one for your win against leon, it was easy to aim for a draw with him. I learnt a lot from your past games. Respect!
Melga (11:12, 2 OCT 2017)
Great season Aptul, congratz!