Thank you, friends!

Thank you, friends! For all the support and kindly words in all these emails! Now I'm sure that I didn't lost these years, because of joy and entertainment that many of you had got.

I was sure that I will not touch the game anymore, but during these conversations an wonderful ideas arose.

My favorite idea - there is a professional coach in Goleada (a former coach in children's soccer), and I believe that we together can create a very realistic engine, very far from the games around. A dream that unfortunately can't be implemented in current conditions. But - it can be done, if somehow the game becomes profitable and I have the opportunity to work full time.

So - I will try once more. I'm putting my last idea on table and will work on it. Over more - I believe that it is a different path than mainstream direction. I love such a paths - against the mainstream. I love Nano as well, believe that this the best cryptocurrency and I want to support it.

So - I will follow the dreams once again. And hope that I will be happy, 'cause you are happy and have fun :)


Mitaka (20:15, 22 SEP)
PS: Current Goleada will be closed after an year, nothing changed here. But when I'm ready - another game will arise, I talked a lot about it before - Goleada play-to-earn (Nano). I hope it will be much more successful and will open the path for a more realistic-engine :)