Where did I go wrong?


Where did I go wrong?
Mercurio, center forward, average player, without great skills, alone in the area, suffering a man to man from a player with better Speed, good Tackling as well as Reception at 150, surrounded by 4 more defenders and a goalkeeper, I managed to score 5 (five) goals. Who can explain to me what happened?
A goal or two still swallows, but 5 (five)???


Manel (19:15, 1 SEP)
Mr Mitaka!

Algo está errado neste Goleada...
Mentore (20:12, 1 SEP)
Manel I saw the first and second goals, you can clearly see that your defender returns but the ball hits the pile of players who are on the line.
The other 3 are head shots and there is that on many crosses made by the winger freely with 25 strength he wins the duel and signs very closely ...
Mod- Michael Mouse (20:20, 1 SEP)
He had 35 crosses, of course he scored.
Mentore (20:28, 1 SEP)
In fact and all clean, three goals out of 35 attempts less than 10% is there ... 25 of strength and 150 of ball control
El Che (20:40, 1 SEP)
I told you your gk have low ball control, my striker have great strength and very good ball control. Sufficent dribbling and shot but is the strength and ball control to make the differences in these goals
El Che (20:45, 1 SEP)
in summary, errors are:
strategy: many defender on the door line can be no efficient and make confusion (as in some of the goals scored)
speed control is an important skill to be trained for gk