New release date

Goleada Play-to-Earn and Goleada Free will be delayed several months

Many interesting ideas have been proposed these days that have the potential to make matches richer and more interesting. So - we decided to first implement them in the current Goleada and then continue the work on the new game. We will also reduce the pressure on us by giving more time to finish all calmly.

The release of Goleada Play-to-Earn and Goleada Free is set to 1-st January 2023.

So we have around 5 months with current model (Pay4Play) that will be alive. The "Premium" orders are available again for the "Freemium" and "Trial-Premium" teams. The orders will be limited to the deadline (the end of this year). The current "Premium" teams will not expire.

Have a nice season!

We'll keep you posted.


Mod- Michael Mouse (14:54, 11 AUG)
I see your taking inspiration from ScotRail :)
El Cebra (14:57, 11 AUG)

Let's make the goleada great again :D
Mentore (20:42, 11 AUG)
Great decision :)