[Тurnover] 1-st October

Current Goleada will became free!

1-st October will be an important day.

New game will be born - Goleada Play-to-Earn.

And current Goleada will became absolutely free - Goleada Free.

Two different models that will share one and the same engine.

What does it mean for you, Goleadors (Goleada managers)? What will happen with premium teams?

All managers that paid for Premium teams will have two options from which to choose:

1. In current Goleada - Every premium day left to be converted to 100 coins + free scouts for the days left as well


2. Your days left to be calculated in Nano cryptocurrency and you can get it in your wallet. (Nano Wallet can be created for two minutes - just download an app and install it).

In Goleada Free will be allowed only one team per person. But there will be exception for all the current managers - whoever already has more than one team will kept it. Goleada Free will keep the current game direction and speed, a.k.a. fair play, consistency, knowledge and patience.

Goleada Play-to-Earn will be different. On it you can grow fast or you can earn real money (Nano crypto will be the game currency). You will receive your earnings (Nano) in your personal wallet/address. It is up to you to spend it or convert it to real fiat money on a lot of existing crypto-platforms. You can earn Nano by selling your virtual assets (teams, players, tickets) on game auctions.

Today the additional teams functionality is removed. Purchases for Premiums are removed as well.

Have a nice weekend and be healthy!


Mentore (20:35, 5 AUG)
I would have left it for a fee at least for a year from the birth of Goleada 2 ... but it's your choice, as always too generous :)
El Che (21:28, 5 AUG)
Was no better wait and see if Goleada.2 is able to fund the expenses of both the game? I don't want be too pessimistic but i'm worry that this is the end of Goleada. We will speak about it this winter
Nessuno (22:39, 5 AUG)
yes probably el che is right, in the case I suggest to introduce ads in some way: banners, team sponsor or video to watch ..., because the game is quite complicate and demanding in terms of time and it's hard to find people willing to pay for such a kind of game, and without new loyal managers the game won't never grow up, at least about members number. Anyway I didn't understand anything about the play to earn but I'm sure that new specific instructions will follow up, and what about the trial premium about to expire? We'll be automatically premium? I was thinking to archive the team waiting for new interesting adjustments but if it's already free . . . 🤷🏻‍♂️
Alberto (09:39, 6 AUG)
I think we have to try and then over the months Mitaka will understand if she has to make changes to the original idea ... but for the moment I find it a big step forward and says one who has never seen a crypto currency.
Mitaka (14:33, 6 AUG)
Thank you, for the support.

I’m new to crypto world as well, Alberto , but seems it is not rocket science :) And Nano is beautiful, solves all the problems that his big brothers have :)
Wolf (15:02, 6 AUG)
I think that people would like to hear how they will buy nano and how they will later sell that nano for normal currency.
Mitaka (15:11, 6 AUG)
Yes, for sure I will create such a tutorial for the new game. I will do that when I found time. I've got in love with Nano :) and would like to help it to spread.
Nessuno (16:52, 6 AUG)
I asked about trial premium 🙄
Mitaka (19:07, 6 AUG)
I asked about trial premium
You've got it :)
Nessuno (19:59, 6 AUG)
thanks, I didn't know what to do ☺️
El Cebra (07:55, 7 AUG)
Ho @mitaka, I just wanted to ask you one thing. My team "La Volpi in Camicia" has the premium that expires in 30 days but the game will become free only from October 1st. What happens in the meantime? Will I no longer be able to use scouts, training and buy players?
Mitaka (10:12, 7 AUG)
Hi, El Cebra, write me when its going to expire, I will proceed it to 01.10.2022.
El Cebra (10:13, 7 AUG)
ok thanks :)
Mentore (10:20, 7 AUG)
sorry mitaka but I still think that goleada 1 must remain paid at least until the end of the year ... free will remove resources from goleada 2 and many managers not having to pay will not try the new goleada but will prefer to have coins and free scouts in goleada 1. .. I have no interest in saying it but that's what I'm afraid will happen :(
Mitaka (11:56, 7 AUG)
Yes, Mentore , I know that this is the rational decision. But sometimes I'm not very rational, more emotional :) Let's enter "All-in" this time...
Mentore (12:05, 7 AUG)
I know ... you are too generous ... but not everyone appreciates it ...
Mitaka (14:39, 10 AUG)
Because I'm received several questions about additional teams on private.

Just to be very clear - every managers that already has more than one team, can keep all his teams after Goleada becomes free.

Don't worry at all, your teams will stay yours until you decide.