Goleada 2 (Play to Earn)

A new game will be announced soon

In a short time we will release a new game based on Goleada, but with a completely new model - play to earn. This means that managers will earn cryptocurrency when they play, according their work, strategy and success. More details will be announced later.

About current Goleada - don't worry, it will stay alive and more vital than now. It will share a lot of parts and will earn from the development of the new game. I'm considering some changes of current Goleada, but first I want to discuss them in a private topic with the managers. But whatever are the changes - there is nothing dangerous, be calm.

Whoever wants to be a part in the discussion (about the new game and the changes of current one), just let drop a comment here.


Manel Gomes (22:36, 14 JUL)
Of course I'll want to be part of the discussion.. Count on me.. See you soon.
Axdron (22:38, 14 JUL)
Hi Mitaka. I want to give you my contribution right now:

You should consider match pairing. Allow people decide when they want to play. I have free time now, but I have to await 3 hours for my match. Managers from Italy were reunited last month, would be nice if they could create a tournament with short matches, to face each other. If I lost my sleep, I would like to play against someone in Europe who is waking up. Things like these. Much like happened with streaming. Why should I wait to see a movie if I can see it now?

And by playing when manager wants, the match length could be reduced. We can have 5 minute matches. If I have 40 minutes available, I will be able to play 8 matches(not considering the time between each one), it would be the same. But if I have 10 minutes, I can play 2, so the experience fits better. If still the same length, I would no play 1/4 match. Play when I want, for the time I want. Much better. The standings? GIFA rating. If I face the same team in the last X matches, doesn't count. If nobody it's available? Create a bot team with the same stats and tatics than a manager of similar level.

I was already writing in the forum, just adapted, may have some mistakes hehe

I think it may fits in your idea, since, more time spent playing, better. Probably you are already considering this...
Rubiojefe (22:52, 14 JUL)
I'm interested...
Mentore (23:22, 14 JUL)
Having the ability to play when you want a friendly against a bot team by choosing the opponent's difficulty is an idea I talked about to Mitaka about a year ago ... I'm a night owl and I have many friendlies bought but I don't have the time to use them ...

On the new game I am waiting for the details ... although I am very interested in improving the current Goleada
Mod- Michael Mouse (23:23, 14 JUL)
I'm in
Axdron (00:14, 15 JUL)
Something like that Mentore
Ececchi (05:36, 15 JUL)
Yeah, i'm here!
Docfab (06:46, 15 JUL)
Of course, i'm in
El Cebra (06:53, 15 JUL)
Im in, as always :)
El Che (07:48, 15 JUL)
me too
Cosmoanarca (08:21, 15 JUL)
I'm interested, keep me in.
Principino (08:49, 15 JUL)
I'm interested
Benji (10:33, 15 JUL)
i'm here :)
Alberto (10:59, 15 JUL)
thanks so much Mitaka, of course I'm interested
Wolf (11:39, 15 JUL)
1. definitely match times vs bots should be free to rearange for every manager.
2. Main interface should be united if you have more then 1 club. So auction info for all the clubs should be at the same page, as example.
Cris (12:38, 15 JUL)
Me too
Pquaresma (17:35, 15 JUL)
Me too
Mitaka (05:23, 16 JUL)
OK, hope I not missed someone. If yes - just write a message again.
Toffee_bih (14:02, 16 JUL)
I'm the only one that dosen't like this kind of stuff?
Pipo68 (19:20, 16 JUL)
It seems interesting boss, let's see what you surprise us with this time... Thanks for your work
Tosho (08:25, 17 JUL)
me too
Sairus (14:40, 18 JUL)
I'm interested.
Alessandro (18:51, 18 JUL)
Interessante Boss
Aguia65 (16:08, 24 JUL)
I'm interested but do it give us real money to withdraw or just invest in the game? lol
Nessuno (17:46, 28 JUL)
I want under 23 tournament
Diego (06:39, 2 AUG)
can you please add me?
Emanuele83 (23:06, 3 AUG)
It's ok