The update will be delayed one season

I decided to delay the update with one season, because the number 82 (this season) is not round and it is hard to remember. The number 83 is much more better.

Another reason (but not such an important as the previous) is because I didn't succeed to finish the development of the changes. I'm busy on weekend ahead, so this was the only option - to delay the changes.

Have a nice season!


Cosmoanarca (08:16, 15 JAN)
Also my flight back to Cape Verde was just cancelled due to the pandemic, and I had to postpone it of several weeks... real and game life seems to have strange convergences! :o
Neytiri (23:53, 15 JAN)
Senhor Mitaka, mudas kuza di mas na goleda:)kes otos gerentes ka ta fal nada?kkkkk
Rubiojefe (00:32, 16 JAN)
No matter, the Game is just great as it is!

Changes can wait...