Goodbye, Aptul

Aptul, one of the most respected and knowledgeable managers decided to leave Goleada. Here is the message, that I received, and would like to share as it addresses the Goleada community:

Hello everyone,

Goleada was part of my life for many years. Actually in a way, Goleada was my life. I am richer. I have a lot of memories, a lot of goleada friends, a tremendous amount of feelings, days and night spent to play or analyze games or opponents, or to bid for a good player. I had everything, i laughed and I cried playing games, i was so lucky to meet you all and to discover the best game in the world. By far.

Now is about time to put an end. I have no time to play as I did it in the past, my real life takes all my resources and I have to quit.

I love you all!Everyone from us, will miss him. Always honest, always ready to help, always real gentleman.

Good luck in real life, Aptul!


Mentore (11:12, 9 JAN)
Hi Aptul,
I hope that as soon as you can you will return to teaching game tactics to Goleada managers.
Good luck to all.
Mod- Michael Mouse (11:21, 9 JAN)
as 2 of the biggest managers in goleada have left (aptul and danciualin) can i suggest that the 2 cups, the club world cup and the new u23 club world cup be named after them?
ie. the aptul cup and the danciualin cup?
Mitaka (12:05, 9 JAN)
Nice idea, Mod- Michael Mouse. As a respect of two legendary managers.
Mitaka (12:23, 9 JAN)
Ececchi (16:24, 9 JAN)
Good luck in your life, Aptul. I hope we will meet again.
Docfab (17:28, 9 JAN)
I put "like" on this article, but I don't really like it that much... The game loses one of its most charismatic and fearsome competitors and at the same time one of the kindest people I have ever met. But I understand well that real life has its needs, which it is almost impossible to escape from...
So I just have to wish the best wishes for everything to the Master. Cheers Aptul!

Ho messo "mi piace" a questo articolo, ma in realtà non mi piace così tanto... Il gioco perde uno dei suoi più carismatici e temibili competitori e al tempo stesso una delle persone più cortesi che io abbia mai conosciuto. Ma capisco bene che la vita reale abbia le sue esigenze, alle quali è pressoché impossibile sottrarsi...
Per cui non mi resta che fare i migliori auguri per tutto al Maestro. Cheers Aptul!
Lazzy (19:33, 9 JAN)
Good luck Aptul
Gnegne (08:50, 10 JAN)
good luck aptul, loyal and very strong player
Pquaresma (10:32, 10 JAN)
Aptul's departure is really a pity! :(

One of the best people I've met in this game, always accessible, available to help, with a lot of fair play and knowledge far above average!

The game is going to get a lot poorer and I just hope it comes back soon, it's going to be missed!
Cipo68 (11:32, 10 JAN)
Aptul good luck for everything! Wish we’ll see you soon back in the game!! ❤️
Alberto (04:30, 11 JAN)
One of the best and manager. I Hope are you in the next future