Biggest Upset?

Linlithgow Rose 2-1 Portanovese

Mod- Michael Mouse
The Linlithgow Rose manager would like to thank his defense for the victory over Portanovese, overcoming a gap of 200+ AvTSP and from being 1-0 down in the 60th minute from a penalty many will place the plaudits on Celona, the forward who when given his chances took them but Mod- Michael Mouse believes that the defense were king, the back three of which were 3 of the 4 highest rated players on the pitch and the center back Bogdanov who won Motm.


Mentore (18:17, 25 DEC)
Great Mod congratulations, a win with such a gap deserves to be celebrated :)
Docfab (18:39, 25 DEC)
Bravo Mich, i miei hanno giocato male ma tu hai meritato! Regalo di Natale? :)