Pequenos erros

Manel Gomes
Mr. Mitaka

O "Goleada" está melhor!
As ultimas actualizações trouxeram maior realismo ao jogo.
Em termos gerais gosto deste "Goleada" embora ainda me esteja a adaptar às novas táticas do jogo. No entanto, e na perspectiva de poder ser melhorado, existem vários pontos que poderiam ser corrigidos ou melhorados.
1 - Os Cartões amarelos surgem muito cedo no jogo. Já me aconteceu aos 30" de jogo receber um cartão amarelo e pouco tempo depois outro jogador também usufruir da mesma penalidade.
2 - Existem muito poucos cantos durante um jogo. Nunca contabilizei mais de 3 num jogo inteiro e a média estará muito próxima de 0,5. Muito dos Misse Goals poderiam ser transformados em cantos.
3 - Nos cantos não existem foras de jogo. Aqui no Goleada, num livre de canto ou até mesmo na cobrança de uma falta junto á linha final, se os defesas forem colocados na linha do meio campo, os atacantes colocar-se-ão junto a essa mesma linha. Isto não está correto.
São estas os principais erros que vejo no Goleada actual.

Meus cumprimentos pelo seu trabalho
Minhas saudações



Mr Mitaka!
The "Goleada" is better!
The latest updates brought more realism to the game.
In general terms I like this "Draw" although I'm still adapting to the new tactics of the game. However, and from the perspective of being able to be improved, there are several points that could be corrected or improved.
1 - Yellow cards appear too early in the game. It has happened to me at 30" of play to receive a yellow card and shortly thereafter another player also takes the same penalty.
2 - There are very few corners during a game. I have never counted more than 3 in an entire game and the average will be very close to 0.5. A lot of Misse Goals could be turned into corners.
3 - In corners there are no offsides. Here, in the "Goleada", in a free-kick or even in a free kick at the end line, if the defenders are placed on the midfield line, the attackers will place themselves on that same line. This is not correct.
These are the main mistakes I see in the current rout.

My compliments for your work
my regards.



Mitaka (06:40, 10 OCT)
1) Yellow cards are just a probabilities. With hundreds of games played everyday we can see earlier yellow cards in some of matches. It is subjective. And probabilities are controlled by committee.

2) Nothing could be done. Forcing the players to clear the ball behind is not good option, imo.

3) It could be fixed. But I’ve said many times that static positions are not my priority. They need too much work and they will give too low “award” for the time spent. Exactly for this (offsides), I will take a look - but will fix it only if it is very easy. I don’t promise anything.
Mod- Michael Mouse (09:53, 10 OCT)
for point 2 couldn't close misses be replaced my an animation of the goalkeeper saving it but instead of catching it the ball goes behind for a corner?
Mitaka (20:05, 10 OCT)
I fixed 3 today (for throw-ins, corners and free kicks)
Mod- Michael Mouse (13:47, 11 OCT)
@Mitaka , this is probably something for the future but instead of the current forced offside prevention (a player never stands in an offside position) it might be interesting to make it possible for players to stand offside and freekicks could result, a forward could go offside and decisions dictate how long before they in onside again and whether they are passed to in the first place.
Manel Gomes (21:51, 11 OCT)
By the way of this theme.. In my game today ( this happened:
"GOOD Shout -> Exploit the flanks (doubles the pass desire to wing player-targets)
STC Shout -> Exploit the flanks (doubles the pass desire to wing player-targets)
Loyal (GOOD / left-defender) -> Yellow Card
Loyal (GOOD / left-defender) -> Red Card
Loyal (GOOD / left-defender) -> Out"