What is Goleada [in telegraph style]?

Telegram style, telegraph style is a clipped way of writing which packs information into the smallest possible number of words or characters. It originated in the telegraph age when telecommunication consisted only of short messages transmitted by hand over the telegraph wire. The telegraph companies charged for their service by the number of words in a message, so the style is developed to minimize costs. But it still conveys the message clearly and unambiguously.

Let's all rest from that continuous changes in the game. I personally will rest by working on Goleada's homepage - something not so important, but probably nice and informative for the newcomers.

I would like to put there some quotes from the current managers - very short explanations/tips/advises/whatever about the game. Drop one-two sentences in comments here.

Thank you in advance :)


Mentore (19:34, 7 OCT)
Don't rush to get results ... be patient in your first season and try to understand how to use the editor
Pipo68 (20:04, 7 OCT)
Best soccer manager!. Great community! Live football like you've never seen...Welcome and have fun.
Principino (20:08, 7 OCT)
... welcome to the border between virtual and reality
Rubiojefe (20:29, 7 OCT)
Unique engine! Be a real coach making player changes LIVE during the match.

Change positions, set new individual and team orders at any time you need, make DECISIONS to get the best result in your matches.

Mod- Michael Mouse (20:58, 7 OCT)
you can make game changing decisions in the tactics editor, train your players to be stars and enjoy the 3d match engine, give it a go cause you're gonna love it.
Danciu (22:13, 7 OCT)
Be patient , watch big matches , apply tactics, try new tactics , learn from lost games . Enjoy !
Manel Gomes (22:34, 7 OCT)
"Goleadaa" has everything that others don't have. Sit on the bench and give orders to your players in real time. Tell them where to position themselves and what to do. or changing it completely.
Never seen in any other game.
Diabolik67 (23:46, 7 OCT)
... there are 2 types of people in the world: those who play GOLEADA, and those who don't like football ... ;)
Cipo68 (05:53, 8 OCT)
goleada is like a boyfriend / girlfriend .. he makes you have fun, he makes you happy, he makes you angry, sometimes you would like to leave him .. but in the end you always come back to him :)
I forgot .. women like it 😜
Magus (08:31, 8 OCT)
I thought I was going to cast a spell.
I was faced with the reality that it’s not that simple.
This is not a game like a game. Maybe half football, half chess.
I recommend it only to brains!
Magus (08:32, 8 OCT)
Harrissonsml (12:17, 8 OCT)
Planning and perseverance: this will take you far.
Magus (19:37, 8 OCT)
I apologize for being misunderstood.
I wanted to emphasize that this is a fun but serious tactical activity.
An emoticon can be an exaggeration. It can be stylized, of course, I thought of something similar.
Mitaka (08:59, 9 OCT)
Thank you very much :)

The new homepage is ready.

Hope that I'd not missed someone's explanation :)
Mentore (09:13, 9 OCT)
Is very beautiful:)
Gioban (09:31, 9 OCT)
mitaka xD
the only game I lose this season and you put it on the homepage: P
were you expecting me to lose one of the truth ?? : P :) hahahahahah
Pipo68 (10:44, 9 OCT)
I like the home page, great job Mitaka ;)
Cosmoanarca (10:46, 9 OCT)
I like the home page, great job Mitaka ;)
Principino (11:20, 9 OCT)
I like:-)
El Cebra (11:47, 9 OCT)
Very nice home page, great work! +1
Mitaka (13:32, 9 OCT)
Thank you again, I think it became a nice homepage. Not ordinary, but informative :)

Gioban, I hurried too much yesterday, so I've recorded just the first game I saw :)
But I will replace video with something more interesting and informative. But creating videos takes too much time :(
Principino (14:50, 9 OCT)
but no Mitaka, leave that as well, at least Gioban still has that game impressed in his memory ... ;-)))))
Rubiojefe (16:27, 9 OCT)
Very nice!

I'm proud to see my appreciations in the home page.
Cipo68 (16:33, 9 OCT)
Really nice!
Kostadinn (16:36, 9 OCT)
Unique game Mitaka. Keep developing it.
Mitaka (06:23, 10 OCT)
I’ve changed the homepage promo video. Probably it is better now :)
Mentore (07:07, 10 OCT)
Yes is perfect for me