Goleada Supporter Package

...and how to get it for free if you need it.

September is over, and Goleada returns to its normal state - the free supporter packages will expire in the next week. The others received addition of one month.

The supporter package don't adds game advantage, but it a fun to have. And helps to the game to survive.

Unfortunately not everyone can afford it. In many world regions the cost is similar to one-two coffees per month, but in another countries it is too expensive.

So - to make it possible for everyone, I'm posting some ways to get it.

Promote the game over internet, and you will get free supporter package. Publish a link and few words on social networks, write a article on some site, post a message in a forum, or whatever another idea you have. Then - just write me a private message and you will get months or year of free supporter, depending from the quality of the publication.

And if for any reason, you can't do that above, but still want a supporter-package, then just write me why and you will get it.

Have a fun!