Mentore (18:46, 30 SEP)
If you are referring to the values before the buckup those were completely false.

The values are now closer to what they were before the change but lower if the player has been on the team for less than 100 days.
In that case he does not reach his maximum value which is that of the average
Harrissonsml (18:48, 30 SEP)
Before the update, the player recived a "bonus" skills points that made the average price became higher. We raised the prices without raise the players value.

Now we fix it. The previously price was wrong, not this one.

Mauro (16:39, 1 OCT)
raga , ma i punti allenamento al venerdì non ci sono più ?
sono 2 venerdì che non ho i punti da distribuire , è una cosa normale ? succede anche a voi o capita solo a me ? booh ?
Mentore (17:00, 1 OCT)
Mi pare che i punti allenamento si hanno il lunedi e giovedì
Mauro (17:51, 1 OCT)
ah ok...grazie Mentore