historical result

with a little more anger ..

You can't help but be happy ... six points and if it weren't for the ability of the Swiss coach today maybe we would be here celebrating an even better result. Of course we have not continued the journey but the 6 points taken home even against the most famous national teams does nothing but increase our esteem ... Now in two years the world championships are a prohibitive gate to heaven but in two years our youngsters they will have more experience and as the sage said ... never say never ...


Diana Millan (05:11, 13 SEP)
Go Ireland go! Grande Albe!
Cris (08:27, 13 SEP)
Complimenti Alberto:)
Mentore (09:57, 13 SEP)
Nestor (11:36, 13 SEP)
Mi piacerebbe allenare un irlandese
Avreste un 18enne promettente per il Bari?
Complimenti per il risultato!
Alberto (02:55, 14 SEP)
Grazie a tutti di cuore ci vediamo ai Mondiali

Nestor ho un 17 o 19, quelli di 19 alcuni sono veramente buoni