Mitaka (17:17, 11 SEP)
In my first competitive game (in fact - semi-competitive, it was friendly), Gioban / Montenegro crashed me 0:6 :)

But I've got very important lesson and vary valuable advises from Gioban, that I try to follow in every game after that. Thanks, Gioban!

I wish best luck to Montenegro (I'm a big fan of that team and manager), but I will not give up :) I will try to be better than our first game :)
Gioban (17:30, 11 SEP)
Mitaka (18:07, 11 SEP)
It was great game for me :)

It was my first ever real game as manager in Goleada.

And although that probably* I know well the pieces, I found very fast that big picture matters - it is important how to position your players on field, how to make them work together. Something that never got my attention. On development and testing I always was focused on every action separately. "Seeing the trees, but not seeing the forest" :)

The challenge turned out to be to make all the parts work together. (I liked it very much.)

My first crash was a great game, thanks Gioban for your advises that helped me to understand that above :)

* probably - because I memory lost many details during the years
Gioban (18:11, 11 SEP)
I'm happy :)
to help you and goleada :)
Gioban (18:11, 11 SEP)
Goleada n1 ;)
Mentore (18:29, 11 SEP)
And I think playing prompted you to make some changes :)
El Che (18:33, 11 SEP)
Forza Mitaka!! Montenegro is strong but Bulgaria is strong as well
Nestor (21:47, 11 SEP)
Spacca tutto!
Mitaka (06:17, 16 SEP)
Thanks again for the game, Gioban!

Although Bulgaria lose, I learned a new lesson again :)

See you next time, on World Cup. Fortuna can do that :)
Gioban (06:21, 16 SEP)
thanks to you, my friend :)
it was a great match;)
Alberto (11:11, 16 SEP)
So now watch the match compliments for all...