Let's do it again!

First of all - for the first time I play competitively.
I hope so, El Cebra / Latvia, do I? :)
Also - thank you for the first lessons, Gioban :) I hope we will not meet Montenegro before the final :)

And I found - I like the game a lot. I think this is the game I wanted to create 7-8 years ago. It's not perfect, but it's good.

Yes. It is not perfect, and never will be. But anyway, in my opinion, there are areas where it can be improved.

I have always needed community, Goleada is the result of our together ideas. Unfortunately, improvements have become very difficult lately. I spend a lot of energy not only in development, but even more in discussions and debates. Very exhausting.

On the other hand, in the last week I feel great when I don't have to write and answer to every problem. I felt the pleasure of development again.

So - I will ask the society again for ideas for a two areas, somehow connected - the training system and the economy. But with the clarification - I do not promise anything. Only if I like them very, very much and if they meet the requirements - more choices for managers, fairer play, balancing.

Here in this forum topic -


Mitaka (19:23, 10 SEP)
We did it :)

I'm very happy with the current stage of new-training-system idea :)

Hope we will solve some problems with economy as well :)