[Update] How to Tackle

Tactics Editor

Sometimes when you say "A", you should say "B" as well. Today is just that case :) After tuning the sliding tackles, I decided to proceed with giving more control to the managers.

Now, in tactics-editor players with defensive duties have another option - "tackle".

- If it is automatic - nothing changed, your player will "decide" alone.

- If it is set - to "Normal Tackle", your player will not try sliding tackles.

- If it is set to "Sliding Tackle", your player will try sliding tackles every time it is possible.

Note - if the player is too close to his opponent, he can't try sliding tackle, he need a space for sliding (this behavior is not touched, I'm just explaining why sometimes is not possible).

Hope we have a little bit better defense now, and managers will have more options for building their best strategies and tactics.


Mitaka (15:36, 9 SEP)
I forgot to mention one important info in the article...

Following or not following of that order is depending player's decisions-skill as usual.

150 decisions - 99% follow
100 decisions - 67% follow
75 decisions - 50% follow
50 decisions - 33% follow
0 decisions - 1% follow