[Tuned] Sliding tackle

Very little, but important touch

When a defender (a player with defensive duties) crosses opponent, that controls the ball, he tries to stop opponent's run - to get the ball control (normal tackle) or to break the attack by pushing the ball away (sliding tackle). This is the "tackling-dribbling" duel.

The sliding tackle is stronger than normal tackle (better probability in duel), but it has downside - taking the ball control is not guaranteed. The ball is just pushed away, and all the players around will run for it. The fastest will win the ball control, he could be from opponent or from our team.

How the players decide "to slide or not to slide"? If a defender has enough decisions-skill, he "sees" that opponent has more dribbling-skill than his tackling-skill and he "knows" that opponent has better chances in the duel. So - he "decides" to take a risky action - to stop the run, without guarantee that he stops opponent team attack.

All that above is not touched or changed. It stays as it is.

Then what is the tuning?

Only sliding duel (tackler vs dribbler) is affected.

Until now - after the duel (the sliding duel) the dribbler has a little advantage and he ran for the pushed away ball a little bit earlier than the tackler.

Now, the player with bigger strength, will get that little advantage (a.k.a. running for the ball earlier). The bigger is difference between both player's strengths, more earlier the stronger player will run for the pushed away ball.

In examples:
- if the both players are with equal strength, after the duel they will run for the ball on the same time.
- if the dribbler is stronger than tackler, the dribbler will run for the ball earlier. More difference between their strengths - more earlier.
- the same as that above for the tackler - if he is stronger will run earlier.

The moment of running is important, but after that speed-skill gets its role. And if both players reach the ball on same time, then first-touch matters.

Once again - the duel, the speed-run, the first-touch duel for control, etc. - nothing of these are touched.

The only change is - the moment of running for the ball after the duel - strength matters.

With that little tuning, managers have more options and better (defense/attack) control.

And this "article" took me much more time, and hundreds more letters than the change in the engine :)