Default times of matches - League Northern-Central Europe

Hello everyone, since Mitaka has solicited a proposal regarding the update of the default match times of the various leagues, what do we do for Northern-Central Europe? I'll start (someone has to do it): personally I would keep the current schedule (21.40), then logically there will be, as usual, the time changes (free if you play at home, subject to agreement otherwise).
Have your say that I said mine :)


Harrissonsml (23:18, 26 JUL)
Well.. I understand that its hard for you guys play in my good time, thats why I let my games in the default time.
For me would be perfect play in my night, but for you gonna be midnight time.

As I never had any problem with time request here (thanks to all of you, I really appreciate that), you can choose the best euro time for you. I'll keep doing as always and asking time changes for the best time for me (and for the opponent) in the day :)
Aptul (04:06, 27 JUL)
Agree with the proposed time by you, Doc.
Diana Millan (05:11, 27 JUL)
I prefer early in the morning, soon is better is, or in the afternoon 4-7 p.m.
Paolo G (06:22, 27 JUL)
21.40 Ok
Alfio (07:21, 27 JUL)
per me va bene all' orario predefinito 21 e 40
Magus (07:40, 27 JUL)
Greetings to everyone!
It's ok for me. And if we're here:
Doc! Why do you want to torture me tomorrow morning at 9:00? :)
Docfab (07:44, 27 JUL)
Hi Magus, I'm on vacation and therefore I have strange hours, I apologize but if you want we can try to find another time
Docfab (07:46, 27 JUL)
14 or 14.30 would be better for you?
Magus (08:10, 27 JUL)
A real gentleman! 14:00. Thanks Doc! :)
Mentore (11:27, 27 JUL)
14.30 for me would be fine
Docfab (15:11, 27 JUL)
Ok Magus, I sent you a request for a time change for tomorrow at 2 pm, accept it (otherwise we'll play at 9 ahahah).

In general, assuming that as far as I know here the time changes have always been agreed (for me at least it went like this, both when I asked for them and when I agreed them) and that therefore the default time is not a big problem, I take this opportunity to take stock of the situation on the default time:

21.40 (current): 6 votes (Alfio, Aptul, me, Harri - I put it here as it adheres to the majority -, Magus, Paolo G)

Morning (9-12) or afternoon (16-19): 1 vote (Diana)

14.30: 1 vote (Mentore)

Arturo, Dragan Stojkovic and Giuseppe are missing, given that the situation is quite defined, I would say to identify the deadline for the vote tonight at 24 and then we will communicate the results to Mitaka.
Docfab (15:13, 27 JUL)
Sorry for forgetting, 3kroner is also missing
Magus (16:54, 27 JUL)
Thanks Doc! :)
I’m not lazy, I can rarely pay attention in the morning. I could have followed my death toll with at most one eye :) So at least I'll fight like a pig on the ice. :)
Arturo (19:31, 27 JUL)
21.40 (current) for me is OK
Docfab (20:31, 27 JUL)
Ok, with Arturo's vote we can already update the situation and transmit the results to Mitaka:

21.40 (current): 7 votes (Alfio, Aptul, Arturo, me, Harri - I put it here as it adheres to the majority -, Magus, Paolo G)

Morning (9-12) or afternoon (16-19): 1 vote (Diana)

14.30: 1 vote (Mentore)
Harrissonsml (20:33, 27 JUL)
Harri - I put it here as it adheres to the majority

No problem, thats right :D
Docfab (20:39, 27 JUL)
Harrissonsml Ok my friend, usually there are no problems for time changes, you know :) Just to avoid random assignments of strange default times