Sponsors - Strategy Contract

Important change

Now there is a hard limit of 6 to the number of match-strategies you can use during the season. A.k.a. you can't use "Speed" more than 6 times during the season. The same for all other strategies, except "None". You can use "None" as many times, you want.

The sponsors will break the contact if a one and the same strategy is used more than 4 times (nothing changed there). But when the contract is broken, all the money from the contract will be lost. Note, that this can result in negative balance. The only exception is "None" strategy as well. It (None) will not count, the sponsors will not break the contract because of it.


Danciu (14:20, 20 JUL)
I think the sponspor page text should be updated too
Mitaka (14:21, 20 JUL)
yes, I should do that.
Mitaka (16:53, 20 JUL)
DanciuI think the sponspor page text should be updated too
Alberto (18:07, 20 JUL)
Mitaka mnogo dobre... tova za men idealno.... Bravo
Alvvlu (23:23, 20 JUL)
Mitaka Friendlys Doesn't Count?
Or friendlys Count?

Bcoz on the Friendly cup i used Speed 6 times, so I ask if that matches count or not
Alvvlu (23:24, 20 JUL)
so if friendlys don't count i can use speed on league

but if count i need to think another strategy

so i ask, Friendlys count for strategy limit?
Or not?

Mitaka Please answer :D
El Che (23:26, 20 JUL)
does no count. It was a bug
Alvvlu (23:36, 20 JUL)
Ok, so I can Use speed again? El Che ?
El Che (23:42, 20 JUL)
yes you can (the bug has been fixed)