This is an informative article:

The commite have approved a new man-marking limit: The limit now is only one.

Was in the table reduce for 3 or for only one. As most of you know, we are five people and I approve both changes. As we need to reach 4 votes to approve a change, we get it first in the one man limit. We think that it was the best thing to do for the game.

If we see that we need to improve, any request will be analised - as we always did. Be safe and good game!!/committee_requests.php?committee_request_id=401


Rubiojefe (19:40, 19 JUL)
Pipo68 (21:01, 19 JUL)
Alberto (03:21, 20 JUL)
Da lungo tempo lo aspettavo
Mentore (08:03, 20 JUL)
I rarely use marking and when I hardly do it more than one ... having said that it is a very bad reduction and it is exaggerated that it goes in the opposite direction to the changes just made, that is to make goleada as realistic as possible.

Mark a tactic to man and since in football the defense lines are at 3 or 4 the limit of four was the right one!

Is this a change made because it is now more difficult to score?

Perhaps for some, while for others it is as before or more simple!

I am absolutely against it and such a change had to be discussed on the forums before it was put to the vote of the committee!

Or you should think about providing a notice on the bulletin board that alerts you when a user proposes a change to the committee, so you can participate in the discussion!

Otherwise the spirit of goleada where everyone participates in the growth of the game is debased.
Become an oligarchic regime!
Cosmoanarca (08:51, 20 JUL)

Please, watch the request at the committee:!/committee_requests.php?committee_request_id=401

This change was asked by Mitaka yesterday as urgent matter and was approved by the committee because of that.

In the past, in routine time, when proposals have been delivered for major adaptations, committee members spent their time to post on the dashboard issues and polls to promote community’s discussion. You have plenty of examples for that to review.

We have an administrator that is one of the main actors of the governance of this game. If he asks for something, his “weight” can’t be like your or mine.
The term “oligarchy” it is totally out of place in this case.
We can promote discussions for adaptations on any proposal at the end of the season.

You are right on the need to alert the community, but do not forget the run. I noticed the proposal at evening after it was already approved! otherwise I would have done a post to allert game mates. also committee members have a life out of here!
So, probably, the best thing to do here is empathically thank Harrissonsml because he provided a service to the community with this post.
Pquaresma (09:16, 20 JUL)
I really dont like this change... passing from 4 to 1 is too much, in my opinion...
Mentore (10:51, 20 JUL)
Cosmoanarca this I wrote yesterday ... sorry if it seemed like an attack on the committee ... mine was a speech in general

Sure I know ... and you know I've made proposals to the committee several times ... but always after discussing them first in the ideas forum.
But I repeat, it is not the fault of the committee, of course it decides on the proposals that are made to it, I said that before making them, users should talk about them in the forum of ideas so as to give the possibility to those interested to express their opinion to the committee that I always thought he should also decide on what the majority of the community thinks
Mentore (10:54, 20 JUL)
I really dont like this change... passing from 4 to 1 is too much, in my opinion...

exact is a too drastic reduction has been reduced na tactic by 75% and when I proposed to decrease the lucky goal percentage by 25% I was told that it was like eliminating the luky goal ... now a tactic that has existed for when the game of football was invented.

And I repeat ... I rarely use markings, sometimes one and never more than two so I'm interested in the modification but it's a matter of principle
Harrissonsml (11:24, 20 JUL)

Commite man-marking discussion:

4 jan:!/committee_requests.php?committee_request_id=341

11 mar:!/committee_requests.php?committee_request_id=354

3 jun!/committee_requests.php?committee_request_id=379

16 jul!/committee_requests.php?committee_request_id=400

19 jul!/committee_requests.php?committee_request_id=401

Have others, but we have a lot of proposals there and i have no time to search right now.

article man-marking discussion:!/articles.php?article_id=1598

Have others, but we have a lot of proposals there and i have no time to search right now.

Also have a lot at forum, but I'll not remember where now.

Was not a blind decision.
The commite exists too long not as oligarchy, but to vote.
As it is in any country with parliament or other kind of legislative house, for example.

As cosmoanarca also sayed, after each season we can do adjusts again... Its just vote.
Mentore (11:44, 20 JUL)
Harrissonsml maybe i didn't explain myself well for my bad english and translator.

I said that before proposing a change to the committee, the user should raise the issue in the ideas forum, or provide a notification on the bulletin board when a user makes a proposal to allow everyone to be aware of the proposal and participate in the discussion. .

If this does not happen, it is not the fault of the committee.
But in this way, even if the committee has no faults, the system becomes oligarchic because the committee decides without listening to the opinion of the community.
I hope I was able to explain myself.
It wasn't meant to be an attack on the committee.
Harrissonsml (11:53, 20 JUL)
or provide a notification on the bulletin board when a user makes a proposal to allow everyone to be aware of the proposal and participate in the discussion

We did it sometime with key proposals: a article to listening the community.
I dont know if the notification is possible, but the article is, for sure.
I already did it, Cosmo already did it, danciu recently did with the luckyes... We will try do this all time...

This one was atipical and need a urgent votes to not prejudicate even more the season.

Mentore In the next ones (before I give my vote) - if none comite member have post a article - I'll do it :)
Mentore (12:10, 20 JUL)
I was proposing notification because I understand that everyone has their own commitments and committee members may not always have time to publish an article.
The notification would solve the problem.
Mauro (17:58, 21 JUL)
sono marcatura a zona o a uomo fà parte del calcio....ridurla a 1 sola equivale a toglierla del tutto