Finals (and one semi-final)

major CWC:

In two amazing games, Linlithgow Rose F. C. and Diabolik 67 won against Belo Horizonte Futebol Clube and Teomartina and now both of they are in the final!

Gonna be a amazing game! Everyone is invited to watch!

Aspirant CWC:

After a big game agaisnt Fk Midgardsormr , Guerreros Celtas won 4x0 and now it at aspirant CWC final!
Because of some consutive draws (a thing to be review next edition - if have some) we are a little late at the other semi-final.

M_a_p will face Mentore F.c. again to see who will face Castel Di Samu at the other semi-final.

Just remind that if we have a second draw, M_a_p gonna be at our next phase and face Michele ! Only the victory matters for mentore, so we wait a good game!

Because of this little late, I will ask to Mentore or M_a_p and our already at semis Michele to mark the next friendly (tomorrow) at the morning time. So we will have time do play the final in the same day.

Its mandatory have the final in 18 jul. The last time possible for a friendly is 16:40h brazil time (20:40h Portugal time - 21:40 Italy time). So, the semis should happens until the end of morning or start of the afternoon (Portugal/Italy time).

If the game doesnt happens at this time (morning/beggining of afternoon) the team that dont sended the invitation or the team that didnt accepted it gonna be eliminated).

Michele you have to send the semis invitation, be aware to the possibilities:

1- Mentore already sended the invitation. If have no game, he will pass.
2- If have a second draw, M_A_P will pass (better group classification).
3- If we have a winner (no draw), the winner will pass.

In this way, will be possible do safely the final. C'amon guys! Rubiojefe is waiting!


Harrissonsml (13:09, 17 JUL)
Now I'll out a little bit because I have a barbecue to eat and some beer to drink! Dont worry, I'll check sometimes here to answer any doubt!

Mod- Michael Mouse (15:11, 17 JUL)
who is the home team for the final?
Harrissonsml (15:18, 17 JUL)
By my accounts, you Mod- Michael Mouse .
Mod- Michael Mouse (15:34, 17 JUL)
wouldn't it be better to get the team with the most friendlys remaining to be the home team?
i had 2 home matches in the groups and all but one of my knockouts also had home matches.
Harrissonsml (15:42, 17 JUL)
Its the team that spent less friendlys. I think that you both spent the same. Give me a few hours that i count again :)
Mod- Michael Mouse (15:56, 17 JUL)
if it helps i have 3 left.
Diabolik67 (17:02, 17 JUL)
Harrissonsml Mod- Michael Mouse

... I still have friendlies available ... so if it's not a problem for you I can invite regardless, if michael wants to keep a couple, to discover the new engine ... thanks ...
Mod- Michael Mouse (18:39, 17 JUL)
Mod- Michael Mouse (20:35, 17 JUL)
i am still awaiting the request Diabolik67 .
Mitaka (06:02, 18 JUL)
Please, let someone notify me when the finals are set. I need to plan my time and to be ready to update the servers after the this tournament finals and before first official games for the season.

Diabolik67 (10:32, 18 JUL)
Harrissonsml (10:46, 18 JUL)
Mitaka yes dev! mentore will play in 15 minutes, than rubio and the winner gonna play the final as soon is possible. I'll talk with they and let you know! Thanks!
Rubiojefe (15:12, 18 JUL)
Guerreros Celtas - Mentore F.c. Will be played in 2 hours.
Rubiojefe (17:48, 18 JUL)
Result 1 - 1

Revenge in some minutes...
Mentore (19:02, 18 JUL)