Mentore (21:26, 16 JUL)
El Che (21:38, 16 JUL)
we will see as work the new engigne. For now for me it's yes at least for this season
Pipo68 (21:50, 16 JUL)
Of course "YES", it has always existed in football, as in life, luck
Danciu (21:51, 16 JUL)
Luck is in the game already because of those probabilities ( percentages of winning duels) '-'
Pipo68 (21:53, 16 JUL)
No, those percentages are based on the skills of the players, the more skill more percentage, it is not the same
Danciu (21:59, 16 JUL)
And the most percentage win always?
Pipo68 (22:16, 16 JUL)
I don't mean that, but a 20% shot 100 is 20 and a 20% shot 50 is 10 ...
The logic does not fail
Mitaka (22:25, 16 JUL)
Danciu, it is not correct to ask showing only one side of the coin! Only your side.

My opinion is yes. Why?

I will repost my message from the committee request.

Lucky goals gives voltage on every shot. From the very beginning, from minute 0 (zero).

On draw (and one goal lead) lucky goals gives suspense to the both of the managers (and spectators). In gives hope to the losing team that still can turn the result in his favor. Until the last minute of the game.
Danciu (22:26, 16 JUL)
3 yes 1 no
El Che (22:36, 16 JUL)
Another important reason for that is that too many changes have been done in this season so we don't know really as the game will work. People play some friendly and already say what is wrong and what is right (see the new Mitaka article). We trust in Mitaka work and we play before an entire season with the new engigne. Then, if clear problems will appear we will discuss about them
Alvvlu (23:14, 16 JUL)
Yes, But in a Lower %, Because now Smaller Teams, If They won, They will won by 2 or 3 goals to bots, but now Lucky Goals will be Almost the best Way To score- So a Less % but yes, bcoz if we don't keep they, Draw 0-0 will be a Extremely Common result
Principino (05:38, 17 JUL)
Marvelmouse (07:25, 17 JUL)
no lucky gol with this %
Mod- Michael Mouse (07:26, 17 JUL)
Alberto (08:26, 17 JUL)
Da , yes. si. oui.
Danciu (08:56, 17 JUL)
2 '+' needed now for a goal , not 3 ..
Harrissonsml (12:21, 17 JUL)
Mentore now its your time xD
(just kidding, because we discussed a lot about luckyes on the lasts seasons).

I'm a little bit favor to reduce luckyes right now (maybe a half of the actual percentage). But as cosmo and mitaka suggested, maybe we can wait the season to see.
Alfio (12:29, 17 JUL)
Mentore (12:50, 17 JUL)
As you said Harrissonsml for me they had to be removed before and must be removed now even more so.

All teams, some more or less, will have many difficulties at the beginning to understand all the changes and how to train the players.

I had already planned to take a whole season and in fact I went down to C ...

But you must already be lucky to have useful players in the team with the new engine, seeing already complicated games decided by lucky goals will not be a good thing for anyone.
Diabolik67 (07:27, 18 JUL)
... from the mathematical point of view and the calculation of probabilities, the lucky goal is an advantage for the stronger team, or rather, for the team that is able to produce more attacking actions ... despite this, I believe, that both with the ++ system and with the +++ system, the lucky goal still represents unpredictability, never taking anything for granted, which is perhaps the most exciting prerogative of the game of football ... it is the variable that keeps players and spectators glued, from the first to the last minute of a balanced match ... it is good luck to which to entrust the remaining hopes of a minor team ... so I am in favor ...with the same methods and percentages of the old engine...
El Che (08:11, 18 JUL)
Lucky goals is a percent of +. If + are expected to be rarer, lucky goals will be automatically less. So before to adjust % , we must see how many lucky goal will be scored in the next season. If + will reduce drastically it's easy that lucky goals iwll be near to disappear
Diabolik67 (08:19, 18 JUL)
but the percentage can be modified by the committee ... therefore easier to vary than an intervention by the programmer ... raising or lowering it is a much less complex intervention ... for this reason I would leave it as it is ... when we have more data available (after a season or 2) we can see if it is appropriate to act on the percentage ...
Mentore (13:58, 18 JUL)
If they decrease it's a good thing ... until last season in almost all the games a lucky goal was scored ... and this is not normal, and in any case I will say it to the point of boredom that does not depend on the number of attack actions!

If this were the case, a zero minute lucky should never be awarded ... which instead happens very often in certain and precise circumstances!
Leon1912 (16:03, 18 JUL)
Danciu (16:15, 18 JUL)
Already 8 opinions for yes and 2-3 for no, so it stays as it is right now .
Cosmoanarca (16:44, 18 JUL)

I think discussion is always useful. This result is not different from previous similar discussions. Not surprisingly, because managers are stating their ideas mostly based on previous experience.

As I wrote at the committee discussion, I think it is too early to propose and decide on adaptations to the updated engine because we do not really know how it will work.
Overall, I feel that keeping this setting, we will look for adaptations to make scoring goals easier, but I can’t put my hand on fire on that. I may be misled by the limited number of matches played with the updated engine and by the high number of variables to consider.
I also understood that engine update is still not complete yet...

After playing 30 matches and watching many others, each one of us will have a better idea on what to do, or not to do, to improve the game.
Maybe your poll, or other possible interesting polls, could be better located at the end of this season.
Danciu (16:46, 18 JUL)
Which is based on personal experience is too subjective , not good for the game the subjectivism