Knockout phases!

Hi everyone, we are walinking to the end of the championship!
This article is to inform everyone about the games and wish lucky to the final phases!

CWC major championship:

We are in the semifinals right now guys!

Belo Horizonte Futebol Clube will face Linlithgow Rose F. C. in one side. In the other we have Diabolik 67 against Teomartina !

Big teams still on dispute! Who gonna win?

aspirant CWC:

We are at 4th finals (miss one game yeat). The games gonna be:

Aguias Massama x Castel Di Samu (they are playing in the same time that I write this article)

M_a_p x Mentore F.c. or Valencia Peoples (we have a late game)

Askatasuna x Fk Midgardsormr

La Banda Bonnot x Guerreros Celtas

Big teams also are here and I'm foward to see the results!



Some users are having problem to send the invitation in the old engine. As I told before, the games should be in the old engine - as long it is possible.

Because of that, we are allowing play in the new engine, only if both of the users agree in their games. So it is it.

Because of this little step, we have to make stronger the talk among Us. If you send the invitation in the new engine, aware your opponent, send him a message talking about it.

If you dont do that, the game gonna be desconsiderate and gonna be declared W.O.. Remember: the official engine is the old one. The new one only will be allow because of the problems in do the invitation and if you opponent also agree.

Any doubt, just ask!

Good lucky everyone!


Michele (15:02, 15 JUL)
Aguias m 0 castel di samu 1
Louis rig.
Harrissonsml (19:29, 15 JUL)
Aguias Massama 0 x 1 Castel Di Samu

Luis x1

M_a_p 3 x 0 Valencia Peoples (W.O)

Askatasuna 0 x 3 Fk Midgardsormr (W.O)

Still miss rubio and max game (still going on)

Harrissonsml (19:36, 15 JUL)
La Banda Bonnot 0 x 2 Guerreros Celtas

Belle-isle x2
Harrissonsml (19:39, 15 JUL)
Ok. The semifinals gonna be:

M_a_p x Castel Di Samu (game 1)

Guerreros Celtas x Fk Midgardsormr (game 2)

Congrats to M_a_p El Cebra Rubiojefe and Michele !!

The home team should send the invitation. Same rules as before.
Any doubt, just ask. The games should happen tomorrow (16 jul).

the big final gonna be at 18 jul! Good luck!
Rubiojefe (20:02, 15 JUL)
Thanks Harrissonsml

I challenged @FkMidgardsormr for tomorrow. I wrote him that it is the new engine. I can only challenge if I choose that one.
Mentore (20:08, 15 JUL)
Mentore (20:09, 15 JUL)
Harrissonsml now who should i invite?
Harrissonsml (20:12, 15 JUL)
Mentore I call you privately. I had understand that you was giving up from you last message. Answer me there for we solve this.

for now, M_a_p wait a while for we solve this translation problem :)
Pipo68 (20:17, 15 JUL)
Valencia Peoples 1-2 Mentore F.c.

Surprise :)

Diabolik67 (20:51, 15 JUL)

the scoreboard is all up to date ... only the last semifinalist of the Aspirant tournament is missing, between Mentore F.c. and M_a_p ... thanks
Alvvlu (23:29, 15 JUL)
Harrissonsml I will look forward to next edition

I want A rematch With my results in this CWC

4 matches/4 loses/0 goals scored/15 Goals conceded

I Advice, Next edition of this friendly cup, as least i will pass the first round of Senior CWC !!
El Che (09:44, 16 JUL)
Harrissonsml Mitaka confirmed me. Was enter an auto-ban for mistake on my account and i have been disconneted for 2 days. I can play the knockout match today?
Mod- Michael Mouse (11:37, 16 JUL)
Belo Horizonte Futebol Clube 1:2 Linlithgow Rose F. C.
15' Cherkashin (LIN)
37' Barzov (LIN)
57' Niglio (BH)
Harrissonsml (11:47, 16 JUL)
Thanks Alvvlu you was really on that haha

Congrats Mod- Michael Mouse ! big victory! Good lucky at the final!

El Che as I told you privately, we are two steps foward you first W.O game... Im a little sad because of you, alessandro and el cebra. Would be a good game and seems like that was nobody foul...

If have a next time, I'll take all experience of this things and do a better calendar (to allow better replays and specific problems), rules more clear and all tips that so many managers gave to me.
Also a better check system about W.O.

I only can say sorry to you, alessandro, pipo, M_A_P and mentore, in specific. You games had specific situations that maybe I could deal better.
El Che (19:13, 16 JUL)
Ok However is not nice be eliminated for a problem that is no dependent by me. Moreover there was less of 12 hours from the communication of the drawn to the deadline for the invitation and just 1 day from my message. The time was too short , I hope that in the future you (or other) will plain better these things
Mitaka (19:54, 16 JUL)
We all should say - Thanks, Harrissonsml for your good will, motivation and spent time for organization of this very interesting tournament!

Thumbs up, Harrissonsml!
Rubiojefe (19:57, 16 JUL)
@Guerreros Celtas - FKMidgar.... 4 - 0

Belle Isle x 4
Mentore (20:22, 16 JUL)
#Map 2-2 Mentore F.c.

Santos - Mortensen - Mortensen - Kamizade
Harrissonsml (20:31, 16 JUL)
Mentore thanks! Please invite M_A_P for the second game, as soon is possible.

Michele you can invite the winner of the second game, as soon they finish their games too.
If we have a second draw, M_a_p gonna pass, because of the better classification at group phases.

As soon we have this result, we will know who is face Rubiojefe at the aspirant final!

And be aware people! The big final of the major CWC is coming!

Diabolik 67 x Linlithgow Rose F. C. !!
Harrissonsml (20:33, 16 JUL)
El Che sorry. As I told you, its a summer championship and it have to end until sunday. We would have to anulate too many games and come back. Its not good for the competition. The calendar was short. If have a next time, as I told too, I'll try planning better the calendar and write more rules that will make everything better.
I hope that you undertand...
Harrissonsml (20:33, 16 JUL)
Thanks for the support dev! Big final is near!
Mentore (20:48, 16 JUL)
Hi, I tried to invite you for tomorrow same time but maybe it's late and I can't do it

I sent this message to MAP, unfortunately I can't invite him for a friendly ... maybe it's too late to organize, I'll try again tomorrow
Harrissonsml (20:50, 16 JUL)
The last game time for friendly is 16:40 (br time). Now is 17:50 here, so today is not possible anymore. Dont worry, you can play tomorrow :D
El Che (21:32, 16 JUL)
Harrissonsml Fk Midgardsormr (the team that eliminate me from the cup) have played its semifinal this evening. There was no matches to repeat
Harrissonsml (21:42, 16 JUL)
El Che you're forgeting your game against Alessandro. Was givin W.O for you because you was the away team... But seems like that you wasnt able to accept this game... So the W.O also should be review.
Back your game means back two many games and talk with too many managers.

So, no rematch. It would be worst for the entire Championship.
El Che (22:47, 16 JUL)
What mean, the two W.O. are not comparable. Alessandro was able to send the invitation and he did not, so the first W.O. was regular indipendently from the fact that I was no able to accept it. In the second W.O. I was no able to send the invitation against my will. Was possible play the game against El Cebra this afternoon and the semifinal this evening without any delay or discussion. I can no note that if the auto-ban was happen to you a solution should be found
Harrissonsml (23:06, 16 JUL)
Alessandro told that send you a invitation...
El Che (23:12, 16 JUL)
Very strange. I don't have invitation from Alessandro
El Che (23:27, 16 JUL)
Ok, you are right. I have seen Askatasuna friendly list. I have friendly rejected from Ikea Fc and from El Cebra team (?!). Probably when I was in ban the invitation were no sent
Alvvlu (23:54, 16 JUL)
Harrissonsml No problem, next time will be

Now That Michael Kicked out you(Idk How) ¿friendly?

Alessandro (07:45, 17 JUL)
El Che L invito te L ho mandato alle 14 per le 21:30…pazienza è andata
El Che (09:05, 17 JUL)
si non capisco allora perche' sono passato io, considerato che alle 24 del giorno prima neanche si conosceva l'avversario. Cmq va bene, mi sembra di capire che e' stato tutto un casino e' che in realta' e' saltato tutto
Michele (13:08, 18 JUL)
Castel di samu 1
Mentore team 2