Season 74

Glory, Glory, Glory!

After the disappointment of the last season (!/articles.php?article_id=1523 ), BH rise up and won every title that we disputed!

You readed right: we won EVERYTHING!
Was a perfect season with only one defeat (the last national league game). But who cares for the only defeated? We won the national league, we won the national cup, we won the Champions League for the first time!

Full respect for Tamarri Gulleplutt Fc Steaua Cosmoanarca and #X Ʀᴏʏᴀʟᴛʏ that now are part of BH history! I hope see all of you again.

The heros of this conquest are:

GK - Teun Phippaerts
DEF - Yvon Coppens
DEF - Salvi Barrau
DEF - Xandao Gouveia
RB - Nuri Faria
LR - Thomas King
RW - Lorenzzo Veiga
LW - Nandru Buia
RS - Maximilian Binder
CS - Hikmet Toparslan
LS - Maximilian Binder


GK - Pantelis Antonaros
DEF - Huldiberaht Everding
DEF - Bastiano Niglio
MID - Bernardinho Macedo
CS - Varnavas Papanagiotou

You all are part of the biggest history of BH until today! Thanks!

Ps.: BH's manager also was able to get another AmOcAs Cup for Brazil on a final against China .
Congrats for the Brazil NT as well! And for Xandao Gouveia that was on both teams and won both titles :D


Mod- Michael Mouse (23:42, 21 APR)
harrissonsml , i also got a 100% record, i managed to not win every tournament i was in. :)
El Cebra (13:40, 22 APR)
Harrissonsml If you need help with photomontages just ask, I have some experience ahhaha
Aptul (13:49, 22 APR)
Well done, great manager, great teams, great friend.
Alberto (14:00, 22 APR)
Harrissonsml (14:02, 22 APR)
Mod- Michael Mouse hahaha I also know how it is... Probably have some articles from that time, but in portuguese :/

El Cebra Wow! Did you notice that its a photomontage? :O hahaha

Aptul Thanks! Hope see you again this season! Its always a great game!
Pquaresma (15:12, 22 APR)
Parabéns Harri!

Quanto à nova época... vai que é teu... outra vez! :D
Docfab (15:55, 22 APR)
Very nice job, my friend!
Danciualin-bot (18:03, 22 APR)
Harrissonsml (18:38, 22 APR)
Thanks to all! Lets keep working!

BTW, i didnt mark Codin Dediu and mark Binder twice... I'll do it here before the crisis came up in the team's locker room :P
Gioban (19:18, 22 APR)
Bravissimo complimenti:))
Jocitacsi (22:03, 23 APR)
Although a little late, but: Harri Congratulations!