Super League Goleada

Standings Week 2 Season 2

Mod- Michael Mouse
Standings updated to Matches played on the 23rd and the 16th of February 2021
1st. Area Warriors=51+57
2nd. Footballers=49+52
3rd. Action Friends=47+66
4th. Trio Skull=47+33
5th. The Imortals=46+31
6th. Squadra Blue=43+54
7th. Bastion Carrascossa=42+43
8th. Galactic stars=40+47
9th. Iron Defenders=40+35
10th. The Lions=39+14
11th. The Scorers=38+46


Cosmoanarca (18:37, 25 FEB)
thanks Michael
Pipo68 (19:57, 25 FEB)
thanks Michael
Harrissonsml (20:23, 25 FEB)
I dont trust Mod- Michael Mouse , for sure he gave points for the lions and take off the points of action friends :((((
Mod- Michael Mouse (09:17, 26 FEB)
ha, if i did i would potentially not have made the lions sit 2nd last with a goal difference smaller than my age Harrissonsml . :)
Gioban (12:45, 26 FEB)
Ma siamo primi :) forza Warrior :)
Mod- Michael Mouse (14:18, 4 MAR)
this weeks standings will be out later today or tommorow.
however i can tell you all that the scores are tight mid table.