Should we return?

this is a subject that arouses a lot of feelings among managers. Before I start with the idea, I want explain what is MOTS for the new users:

What was MOTS?

Mots was a old strategy on the game. Its like Trackle, pass, speed and others. But MOTS had some peculiarities:

a) Only would be used once at the season.
b) Gave a boos technical (20% - all habilities) and physical (10% - speed and strenght) skills.

Why we had MOTS?

Mots was part of the strategy of the game. As is only could be used on one key game, it created a lot of strategys and fear among managers.
I saw MOTS as that match that the players gave everything that they could to get the victory.
Was funny, because was really hard a team get 2 or more titles at the same season, because the team that would not win the league, choosed use the MOTS on the cup. So we have variety on the championship champions.

Why we removed the MOTS?

On a certain league, a certain user used it when he could win nothing with the victory. His intention was only dont let a foreign won his national league, and he was succed on it.

(please, that is not the point. Who know the history, keep it for yourself - I'm talking about this just to show the advantages and disadvantages / risks).

A lot of managers also complain about the boost: 20% in all technical and 10% in all physical skills was too much. Was almost impossible won a game when your opponent was with MOTS - almost.

The proposal

Lets bring MOTS back. But not at the same way, lets nerf the MOTS a little bit. I do agree that 20% and 10% was too much. So I propose a half of it.
10% in all technical skills and 5% in all physical skills.

Whys this values?

Well, if I choose one strategy, first touch, for example, I'll be better than my opponent on that strategy, even that he use MOTS. So my choise will not be in vain.
The same with physical skills strategy.

Why MOTS would be good for the game?

In my point of viewn, the return of MOTS would:

a) Bring a variety on the championships champions (mostly on national leagues, when the best team usually - not always - won both: the cup and the national league).

b) Would be similar to the real life, when the team give everything to won the key game. Its like the ajax on champions, or the liverpool in 2005, the Barcelona against PSG (6x1) and others big great games that the players literaly bleed for the victory.

c) Increase the need of strategy by the manager. Your opponent can use MOTS against you all the time. So you need to choose well what strategy you'll use in each game.

d) MOTS is not only for league/cup titles, MOTS can be used to avoid the demotion. To get the acess for the major league and others key games to everyone.

e) MOTS would be with half of the original values, so in the national leagues, it could be counterattacked with effort, for example.

Anyway, I already spoke too much. I would like to see the community opinion about that.

Without irony, fight or bad feelings, please :)


Harrissonsml (12:36, 13 FEB)
MOTS also was expensive. Was not 30 coins, but 300 (if I'm not wrong). We also could raise the cust to 1000 coins, for example. To avoid the use without any reason.
El Che (13:01, 13 FEB)
I like it. It can help to avoid monopoly in the leagues. 1000 coins I think is too much considering also that the proposal half the previous advantage. 300 or 500 is much better
Marvelmouse (13:22, 13 FEB)
Never again
Dragan Stojkovic (13:29, 13 FEB)
as far as my opinion could interest, I absolutely disagree - the effort modalities and the totally unrealistic man-marking mode should already be reviewed (for me, totally abolished: four fixed man-markings on a football field were not seen even at the of the Cambridge Pyramid ...), IMHO the MOTS would be the third step towards unreality compared to real football...
Mentore (13:59, 13 FEB)
Scusate ... io avevo capito che si poteva usare una sola volta a stagione mica che lo compravi con le monete?
Ma scherziamo? ... io gioco da due mesi ovvio che ho meno monete di tutti ... ci sono utenti che in 12 stagioni in campionati minori hanno 75000 monete ... e quando mai si è visto che le squadre più ricche prima della partita pagano 300, 550, 1000 per aumentare la capacità dei giocatori?
Questo è doping autorizzato hahahah
assolutamente no!

Se come sbagliando avevo capito lo si può usare solo una volta in stagione e pagando al massimo 100 monete invece di 30 come la normale strategia allora potrei anche essere favorevole ...
Mentore (14:03, 13 FEB)
Dragan Stojkovic questo è un altro discorso e mi dispiace ma io qualche volta ne uso due ... ma nel calcio la marcatura a uomo è sempre esistita è una tattica e come tale andrebbe lasciata libera di essere usata ed è molto più reale di tantissime altre cose di goleada!

Limitarla a 4 è già tanto, anche se ripeto, io qualche volta ne uso due, ma è il principio che conta
Alessandro (15:10, 13 FEB)
assolutamente non sono d'accordo
Ececchi (16:12, 13 FEB)
I am not nostalgic for MOTS. It was often a cause of discontent among managers.
El Che (16:40, 13 FEB)
Mentore guarda che i premi partita per motivare di piu' i giocatori nelle partite importanti esistono nel calcio reale
Mentore (16:47, 13 FEB)
Si El Che ... ma questo è diverso ... almeno per quello che ho capito
Cris (17:03, 13 FEB)
Better to keep MOTS only for history book of Goleada:)

Regdards .
El Che (17:05, 13 FEB)
L'idea e' di farlo pagare piu' caro cosi' le squadre che non hanno partite importanti non lo giocano. Questa opzione fu levata da Claudogs perche' secondo lui veniva abusata e molte squadre che non avevano una reale motivazione per giocarlo lo usavano contro il primo classificato per antipatia.Secondo 300 e' un buon compromesso
Mentore (17:11, 13 FEB)
Secondo 300 e' un buon compromesso

Se può essere usato solo una partita a stagione ... nel limite di +10% per abilità e + 5% per forza e velocità ... allora dovrebbe essere un opzione in più nella strategia e costare 30 come qualsiasi altra ... così che tutti sono alla pari!

Per voi 300 monete sono niente per me è metà campionato di strategia ...
Alessandro (17:33, 13 FEB)
A me sembra che si discuta sempre su aria fritta quando ci sono “problemi” più importanti. Questa cosa favorisce che ha le casse piene perche come dice giustamente Mentore 300 son soldi soprattutto per chi investe in scout e quant altro. Si potrebbe introdurre una sorta di “motivazione” ma anche qui andremmo incontro a chi si diverte a “barare”.
Pipo68 (17:41, 13 FEB)
In my opinion, for that we already have the put more efort ...
Absolutely NO to to more doping...
Mentore (18:26, 13 FEB)

yes Pipo68 also I see it as doping and I wrote it
Gnegne (19:25, 13 FEB)
Mentore (19:51, 13 FEB)

well it seems clear to me that those who played with Mots have rejected it ... so ...
Daniele (20:44, 13 FEB)

Cakz (20:58, 13 FEB)
I even liked it, but it was just to hit Dmsdavid
Aptul (08:35, 15 FEB)
Nooooo, not again.:) never again.
Mod- Michael Mouse (23:23, 15 FEB)
it sounds like a good idea :)
Alvarom (04:31, 22 FEB)
For cups, tournaments and league: MOTS should have limits. For example, maximum 30 min per game, with the aim of
* Avoid kamikaze managers who play 90 minutes on MOTS just for fucking
* Avoid advantage of teams that play in an easy league with which you can quickly regain motivation
* Avoid teams advantage in which their next match is too easy or bot (lucky draw)