Season 72

BH won everything!

The season started with a big expectation because of the national cup title from the last season.

BH didnt dissapoit anyone! The squad won the league title as a king (only lost the last game with the younth players), won the national cup on a amazing game against Radinho De Pilha and won his first international title on a hard game against Hebei China Fortune : The cup winners!

With the 3 titles, BH recived the triple Crown, for won 3 titles on one single season! Now the team is looking foward for the next season!



Diana Millan (20:31, 9 FEB)
Great my friend!! Well done!
Docfab (20:35, 9 FEB)
Very nice job Harrison, congrats!
Mentore (20:41, 9 FEB)
Well done
Rubiojefe (21:51, 9 FEB)
And that's what we call a great season! 😃
Harrissonsml (22:03, 9 FEB)
Diana Millan Thanksss! Still have too much to get on you haha

Thanks Rubiojefe and Mentore !! You two also have a great season!
Harrissonsml (22:04, 9 FEB)
Thanks Docfab ! If I'm not wrong, you'll meet BH on champions... If mitaka replace the empty spots, me and aptul cannot be there with our second teams!
Gulleplutt Fc have a great season too! Was really hard our games :D
Docfab (22:22, 9 FEB)
The Champions??? Oh my...
Francisco Frota (01:51, 10 FEB)
A man and a champion: The Best!!! Well done!!!
Alberto (08:44, 10 FEB)