New tournaments in Goleada?

Collecting an ideas

I'm looking for a way to give chance of much more teams to participate in international(or national) tournaments, to have more competitive and interesting games and exciting moments.

So - let's collect some ideas for such a tournaments.

- They just should have their "own face", should not copy the existing ones.

- They could limit somehow the participants or not.

- They could be held in one season, or why not - their length could be more than a season.

I will not put limitation in your imagination, every opinion is welcomed :)


Harrissonsml (13:08, 8 JAN)
We could create a new cup for the teams at first divisions that goes not to the medalist or cup winners.
Then the champions of the second divisions and the third places of the national cup could goes to there too. Also who does not goes to the next phases of champions or medalist cup.

A big international competition.

The group phase would be disputed by thoose first ones that I wrote.
The next phases would include the 3rd on the champions, medalist and cup winners groups.

Just a few glory to the champions, because is a minor competition. But more teams could participate.

Copy + pastemy previously suggestion for everyone here :D
Diabolik67 (13:40, 8 JAN)
... more meat on the fire, which will make a bad roast ... I am very much in favor of new tournaments, but I believe that the little time we take away from Mitaka must be aimed at fixing what now works less, not new and unpredictable solutions. .. a swimming pool is not built in the garden, if the roof of the house is broken and it rains inside ... we have a champions with 6 teams out of 400, and instead of finding a way to make it more beautiful and more complete, we invent the cup of not no ? ... sorry but I don't understand ... we have 7 leagues with 200 users of which half are active, a league with 200 users of which half are active, and instead of trying to find the square in the real goleada data, let's look new paths that we do not know what they are for and where they will lead us? ... we bring first the champions and the cup of cups to 12 teams always, the medalist to 24 always ... then new tournaments will always be welcome ... we re-establish minimum and maximum criteria for creating leagues and sub-leagues, to have a fair balance between users, everyone, without any distinction ... after this, every new tournament we want to add will be the beautiful pool in the garden ... but please, let's first repair the roof of the house that rains inside ... IMO ...
Mod- Michael Mouse (13:47, 8 JAN)
Aptul (14:02, 8 JAN)
I agree. For instance in a championship that have 3 teams for gifa and one of those play in Winners cup, the 4th team should go on gifa.

Also, like in real football you can allocate the 2 spots in Champions for the second placed team in the strongest 2 Championships

Mitaka (14:27, 8 JAN)
Please keep on topic.
Harrissonsml (14:39, 8 JAN)
Idea 2: We could do national supercups too (more games to solve the xp/coin "problem").

- The first 3 teams on each division disputed it.
- The group system should be present.
- High divisions only into after the group phases (to have no calendar problems and give more games to the ones that not classificate to international competitions).
- the effort/rest option will be avaliable. So a second division team can won against the first one more timesand take the title.
- The championship should give less glory than the small national league gives.

Idea 3: International small cup
- The "medalist" of second division participate (6 teams).
- The quartes-final of the cups participate (8teams).
- the champions of third division, 4th division and all participate.
- effort/rest option as well.
- The first division team (probably from the quartes-final cup) into only on the final phases - we can have groups as well).
Harrissonsml (14:44, 8 JAN)
Ps.: the idea to only allow the big teams into on the tournamment is for give more games to the small ones and dont have problem with the medalist, cup winners or champions...
Diabolik67 (15:05, 8 JAN)

... I hope you realize what you are proposing ... because the discussion is surreal to say the least ... which of these "small" teams from your second division do you want to enter in tournaments?

Sopypijir (BOT)
Wetyrizi (BOT)
Ivamafux (BOT)
Tixem (BOT)
Xutekadi (BOT)
Vujawysek (BOT)
Nykymije (BOT)
Gutytipid (BOT)
Odyfo (BOT)
Voqaj (BOT)
Qukog (BOT)
Ukyhat (BOT)
Avehoca (BOT)
Uzunilan (BOT)
Uqoxa (BOT)

... if you want, I'll post as many as 6 other leagues too ... then try to make a scoreboard and see what competition comes out ... I don't know what else to tell you ... it's really embarrassing to see in many the annoyance that causes you to admit that the expansion of tournaments and everything else must be done with the teams and users who are there ... the Italians are on your dick, in 2021, it is your personal problem ... make a law racial of the type "dogs and Italians are not allowed" if you like ... the fact remains that half of the users of the game are these ... like it or not, you have to take this into account ...
Harrissonsml (15:13, 8 JAN)
Diabolik67 thanks for you beautifull ideas on this post! But you're lying because every league have 3 teams to go the the cup on the second divisions.
And of course, I made the proposal taking in consideration, mostly, the italian league.
You wanna a simple solution to take off the bots champions from others leagues lower divisions from tohers leagues? Just dont let bots go to there.
Harrissonsml (15:14, 8 JAN)
Ps.: I'll not answer offensive comments, let the detectives take care of it.
Diabolik67 (15:21, 8 JAN)

... no ... your league and that of the others has 3 teams in the second division for the cups ... mine (if you like to call it that) has 12, and another 12 in the third division, and this in 2 second divisions and 4 third divisions ... if for you it is the same thing, it is the same consideration, I do not know what else to add ... I repeat the next measure remains only that of not accepting registrations if they come from Italy ...
Harrissonsml (15:24, 8 JAN)
If you have a better idea for a new international compatition, I'm here to see.
Everyone are here to see :D
Harrissonsml (15:24, 8 JAN)
Harrissonsml (15:33, 8 JAN)
Its funny... We would have 6 italians from the second division (first 3 ones), 4 from the third (4 champions), 8 from the 4th (8champions). More than any other league... 18 italians teams on my last international idea... But still not ok because will have 6 brazillians teams :P

Seems like that is not me that want a race law against dogs or foreingns...
Diabolik67 (15:34, 8 JAN)
... we are called the teacher ... we are in kindergarten ... what is offensive? that you are doing everything not to take into consideration that half of Goleada users come from a single community? is reality ... you are climbing into grandfather's unlikely cups, just to avoid the real game data ... the data says this ... maybe if you used the same determination you have in trying to stem others in the name of garden of the house, to broaden the participation in your home, in a short time you would dub the users of others ... do you think that a detective of a game is enough to silence me? ... do you think that invoking punishment is a deterrent to the ideas of others? ... here with me no ... I don't know how it works for you ... the fact remains that if you want to create more representative, more beautiful and more exciting tournaments you have to make use of what you have ... all the rest are excuses. ..
Harrissonsml (15:36, 8 JAN)
Just ready your post again. And give some ideas... You gave none until now :D
Mod- Michael Mouse (15:37, 8 JAN)
but what about if a managers is an italian dog Harrissonsml :)
Harrissonsml (15:40, 8 JAN)
Mod- Michael Mouse Italians dogs are welcome for diabolik, the others dogs don't. We can have 18 italians dogs on the street, but if we have one bulgarian, brazillian, chinese or others dogs, we dont like the italian ones :P

By me, I love all the dogs... They are better than humans too.
Diabolik67 (15:40, 8 JAN)

... even if this were the case 6 out of 20 is equal to 18 out of 107? mathematics has become an opinion and we did not know it here in Italy ...
... if you want the good of the game, take into consideration the real value, and the real participation in the game ... otherwise you can always do what you want, but you certainly can't expect the understanding of who you necessarily want to exclude .. . I repeat, the data is that half of the users are from one community ... all the rest are excuses ...
Harrissonsml (15:42, 8 JAN)
We cannot just put all the italians on a international competition diabolik. You should accept that :)

By me stay as it are now. No need to do nothing.
BTW I'm trying to help more italians than you're. because, as I sayed, you gave none idea until now.
You could stop to talking nonsense and give another ideas as well.
Mitaka (15:43, 8 JAN)
The tournaments will be not for bots.

There are around 250 active managers, most of them are far from participation in the current international cups. The idea of the new tournaments is to give them a chance to play more interesting games.

If someone told me before a day, that such an idea could be badly accepted, I would not believe.

What happens here? Why this aggression? I can't understand.
Mod- Michael Mouse (15:45, 8 JAN)
What might be an amusing tourney would be if the participants were.
entire italian 1st division
top 4 teams from every other league,
36 teams, 4 groups of 4 and 4 groups of 5, with 2 italian teams per group of 5 and 1 italian team per group of 4.
top team in each group progresses to quarter finals.
only 0.02% experience per match and 1/2 risk of injury.
Mitaka (15:49, 8 JAN)
OK, lets stop.

All is going into definite wrong direction.

Please all, stop the discussion. I don't need ideas. It was mistake as usual.

Please stop any comments here.
Harrissonsml (15:50, 8 JAN)
I dont agree to give a entire italian 1st division a international competition. This is non-sense (with all the respect michael).

I'll repeat something here that we did because of diabolik complain:

1- we take off the effort from international competitions.
2- we gave spots on the medalist based on GIFA ranking league.

Now, we have to accept that some leagues are harder than others. It happens on RL too.
Premier league is harder to win that the Bundesliga.
La Liga is harder to win than the Portuguese championship.
And life move on.
Mentore (15:50, 8 JAN)
Sorry but I understood that Mitaka wanted to create a tournament for those who DO NOT play cups today, not another tournament for those who ALREADY play them ...

This does not mean that I do not agree that the CL could be enlarged as in reality ... but it seems to me that Mitaka has made it clear that the CL only plays it who wins the National League ...

Therefore, thinking about a World Club tournament made by those who already play the cups makes no sense
Mod- Michael Mouse (15:55, 8 JAN)
i prefer cats Harrissonsml .
Diabolik67 (15:55, 8 JAN)
Mitaka (16:43, 8 Gennaio)

The tournaments will be not for bots.

There are around 250 active managers, most of them are far from participation in the current international cups. The idea of the new tournaments is to give them a chance to play more interesting games.

If someone told me before a day, that such an idea could be badly accepted, I would not believe.

What happens here? Why this aggression? I can't understand.

... the aggression stems from the fact that the only problem seems to be that a community is bigger than the others ... since when, is appreciating your work and your product the wrong thing? What's wrong with creating a maximum after pleasing others with a minimum that respected their desire to have a league? what prohibits having a super league as you have proposed for each community that exceeds and that in the future should exceed the maximum value? why create other tournaments when the main ones still see a low and not well defined participation? ... no tournament of this kind places goleada users in the same conditions who are unbalanced if divided in the same way ... and I repeat the same speech I would do and will do if any community should have a strongly majority number of representatives compared to others ... nobody here represents anything ... this game is made up of people, not flags of races or religions ... at least I hope ... I am proud that my national team is led by a manager as good as Cris and I do not ask myself the problem that he is not Italian ... just as I do not ask myself the problem that many Italians remain excluded from international competitions ... I ask myself the problem that many users who deserve a greater chance, remain excluded or penalized depending on of the community they are "forced" to join ... users ... people ... users and financiers of the game we like ... I leave boundaries and definitions to others in the third millennium ... I hope I was clear ...
Diabolik67 (16:05, 8 JAN)
Mitaka (16:43, 8 Gennaio)

What happens here? Why this aggression? I can't understand.

Harrissonsml (16:50, 8 Gennaio)

I dont agree to give a entire italian 1st division a international competition. This is non-sense (with all the respect michael).

... this is the problem ... this mentality is all the problems of goleada ... as if the Italian first division, having half of the users of the whole game behind it, was a problem rather than a goal to be achieved in as many communities as possible ...
... what interests me if brazil had 200 teams and more representatives in international cups? would it make me feel less Italian? no ... I would be happy if all the communities had a high number of users ... if this medieval way of conceiving the game passes, it is the game itself that pays the price ... for the benefit of a few close friends ... the game is yours and the choice is yours ... adding more is superfluous ...