[UPDATE] The tactics editor

I've just uploaded the next update this season - several changes in the tactics editor, that will affect the matches.

Man-Marking Limit
Now we have limitation how many opponents we can man-mark. The current limit is 2. A.k.a. we can't set more than 2 our player with order "Man-Mark".

If someone feels that 2 is not the right number, he can send a proposal to the Committee. (see my previous article)

Defense Zone - Attack only opponents with a ball
We have new defense choice (proposed by Cosmoanarca).

There is a checkbox "Attack only opponents with a ball" (see the attached image). If checked, the defense behavior of the player will be changed slightly. He still will keep his defensive zone, but will attack only free ball or opponents that control the ball at that moment in his defensive zone.

Very short summary of the existing defensive options:
- (default) Player keeps his defense zone. If an opponent enters in it, he will mark it. If there are more than one opponents, he will select one (dribbler, closer, etc., see previous article).
- Man-Marking - if set, the player will follow/attack/interfere his opponent all over the field. No more duties.
- Attack only opponents with a ball - he will stay on his defensive point and will move only for the free ball or to attack opponent dribbling with the ball (in his defense-zone).

Preventing many players targeting same spot (a.k.a. same attack/defense point)
Now the tactics editor will not allow to position attack/defense points too close each other. See the attached image - there is forbidden zone around every player, in which we can't position another player. They will became visible, when we drag attack/defense point.

Note, your old tactical-orders still exists, but you can't save any order, if the conflicts (intersections in forbidden zones) are not solved.

What is coming next?
1. I will change the payment gateway to This way some accounting problems will be solved.

I want to thank to Ececchi for helping me with the payments for long time! All we should be thankful to him, without his vital support Goleada would not pay his bills and survive.

Respect, Ececchi!

2. Static positions - a long delayed task is on table at last.

3. Reviewing "fake-offside"

4. Attack-type balancing.

5. Leagues reorganization

6. (Not sure yet, but I'm already thinking about) Predefined orders.

7. Some kind of single-player games/tournament, based on friendlies

Nice weekend to all!

Be healthy!


Ececchi (07:13, 21 NOV)
It was a pleasure. Mitaka and Goleada deserve all the support they can get. Everyone collects what they sow, I am convinced of this. Respect, to you
Danciualin23 (07:32, 21 NOV)
Thanks for updates !
I think 2 for man-mark is too low number , since it was added a probability to foul of 20% , there are 2 nerfs against it
Danciualin23 (07:32, 21 NOV)
Now everyone will use the attack only the player with ball
Mitaka (07:54, 21 NOV)
Danciualin23I think 2 for man-mark is too low number , since it was added a probability to foul of 20% , there are 2 nerfs against it
The Committee could change that. From 0 to 11, whatever they decide will be the bast for the game.

I removed the limitation there - now a Committee member can vote on his own proposals as well ;)
Mitaka (07:55, 21 NOV)
Danciualin23Now everyone will use the attack only the player with ball
Nothing wrong, if it works well.

I'm sure there will be situations, in which the other options could be used as well.
Marvelmouse (08:33, 21 NOV)
great work, tks
Gioban (08:38, 21 NOV)
Good job Mitaka :)
Mitaka (09:23, 21 NOV)
Two more friendly games are added to everyone. For testing the latest changes during the weekend (or later).
Marvelmouse (09:35, 21 NOV)
Two more friendly games are added to everyone. For testing the latest changes during the weekend (or later).

it's a good week end ;D
Danciualin23 (10:38, 21 NOV)
I removed the limitation there - now a Committee member can vote on his own proposals as well ;)
Before was possible too , i think is better to not vote on own proposals because it's not ethic :). I was a big fan of man mark but if there is nobody that think 2 is too low number then i have to adapt ,no problem . We all starting from 0 with the new changes , thanks for friendlies to test the new things
Benji (11:14, 21 NOV)
Mitaka great changes.. i like almost all off them :D

the only one i dont like is Leagues reorganization, i'm still hoping that Portugal league continue the same :)
Axdron (11:25, 21 NOV)
Very good changes and the planning to the next ones is good as well. Thanks Mitaka and thanks Ececchi !
Cosmoanarca (12:56, 21 NOV)
Great job Mitaka!
What an evolution for the tactic editor!

I removed the limitation there - now a Committee member can vote on his own proposals as well ;)
Before was possible too , i think is better to not vote on own proposals because it's not ethic :). I was a big fan of man mark but if there is nobody that think 2 is too low number then i have to adapt ,no problem . We all starting from 0 with the new changes , thanks for friendlies to test the new things

Since I got to the committee, I always abstained to vote my proposals. The vote in that case could be about main changes in the game, and I do not think it would have been correct to vote pro my own proposals.
Now the committee is an instrument of fine tuning of the engine. It will seek for balance. No new features, no removal of features. Committee can only vote for parameters selected by Mitaka. The power is more real (I agree with Mitaka on this), but much smaller than before.
Not least, I guess committee members abstention is not possible anymore. What should we do? Should we reject our own proposals? :-/
Given these considerations, IMO it is not logic/possible anymore for members not voting their own proposals, unless we start a ridicule pass-by-another-manager mode.
I will attain to this approach from now onward. If setting will change again in the future, leading to an increased “power” of decision to the committee, I will review this position, and strictly adhere again to my original approach.
This explication is just to respect the managers that voted for me at the committee.
Cris (13:47, 21 NOV)
Great work Mitaka and respect for all your effort.
One suggestion, this new updates means other tactics to think and to built, now we are in front of the fourth week of this season and a lot of strategies were built and very fast should be updated and no everybody have this weekend free.
Maybe it was better to wait 10 days to update the engine game during the break between the seasons.

Mitaka (14:02, 21 NOV)
Sorry Cris, but I can't wait 2 weeks to proceed :(

After that will be a lot of undisturbed seasons, but now "I'm on speed and can't push the breaks". I thought that managers wanted just that from long time...
El Che (14:07, 21 NOV)
I can't read portugal people that write that their league don't mu st be changed. In the portugal league most of the matches are played with TSP of 200-300. In italian league with this TSP you must play in thirth or fourth league. Of course everybodies want play in weaker leagues so they can make grow well younger player and sell well them in the market. League reorganization is a must, and Portugal league is one of the first that must be renforced
Axdron (14:55, 21 NOV)
I understand Portugal, they seems to prefer their local rivalries and their internal jokes (which will not have the same impact/meaning with non-portuguese speakers). I would like to play with the Portuguese, but due to timezone concerns, I think it's not possible. If it is important, it's up to Mitaka .

About leagues retribution, in my opinion, if it will happen, it should be time-zone oriented, each timezone (or timespan, the matches can happen every 40 min) with a minimum teams and a maximum teams to happen. Teams subscribe at each season, the timezones are distributed in the next. E. g. I want to play at 00:00 utc, so I subscribe at that league, if it have at least 12 teams next season it will happen. If don't, I will be moved to the next league, like the 00:40 that it's with 13 teams. If the 00:00 utc has 41 teams, and 40 it's the limit, the 41th subscriber will be moved. This way: managers can have more than 1 team per country (e.g., I can have one brazilian team at 00:00 and another at 00:40 - but only one will play the national cup, that still the same), we will not have people setting matches at bad times (e.g., some managers setting matches at 09:00 on local time), people can try to swap to less populated timezones in the next season (but they'll start from lower levels). Then, if the limit it's 40, I would suggest four tiers to all leagues (1st division with 10 teams, 2nd with 10...) and the glory being proportional to the number of the teams on the league won. This way, if the Portuguese wants to keep their league, they can all move to a same timespan, and if the Italians thinks their league it's so hard, they can distribute themselves around 3 or 4 different timespans...
Dragontao (14:59, 21 NOV)
I love the tactical variation in the game and continued development.
Harrissonsml (15:38, 21 NOV)
Axdron I'll read when they make the movie :P
El Che (15:57, 21 NOV)
Axdron actually I don't think that Portugal problem is a language problem. They want just take the advantages to play in a very weak league, that's all. About your solution I think is a bit too complicated (I'm not also sure that I have understood well) but in anycase there are two general points that I like about it: the reorganization must be done with a timezone criterium and that people can choose the league where play. This is in my opinion very iportant because a simply join the more weak leagues (France with most bots now and Portugal for example) in more stronger leagues is not sufficient to insure a real balancement. A good indicator for me of how a league is weak is given by the average TSP played in each league matches. In fact, in some league there are 2-3 teams very strong but in their leagues they play with younger players because the opponent are too weak, training them and leaving effort and players for the international cups. Mean TSP played in the league is a good indicator. Then, I have listen many people that don't really redistribution because of the language and/or nationality of the managers. I want to stress about it that a reorgaination (but also the present composition of the league) force automatically (except the italian case) to make play in the same league managers of different countries/league and already, with the second team, it happen. Also in Italy the national CT and the first winner italian team have a romanian manager and this is also happen in may other leagues (holland, belgium, uk just for give some example). So it is evident that invoke nationality/language problem is just a non-sense excuse.
Axdron (16:16, 21 NOV)
Harrissonsml next season on Goleadaflix

El Che what is true for Italy it’s not necessarily true for Portugal, or for any other countries, different cultures, different feelings... Even communicating well in English, I prefer to write in my native language, which is thousand times more beautiful, so, to me, what the Portuguese guys says makes much sense.
El Che (16:22, 21 NOV)
Of course write in your native language is better for everybodies no just for portuguese. Why for them should be more important than for a greeke for example? So what we must do, also a Greeke league?
Marvelmouse (16:23, 21 NOV)
what is true for one italian, isn't true for all italians, major part of italian comunity is satisfied with actual league
Axdron (16:32, 21 NOV)
Important point Marvelmouse

Do you know what is important for greeks El Che? I don’t, don’t have any greek friend to explain to me too. But one thing I’m sure: Italian league would not to be great if it wasn’t the effort of some Italians. And this effort brought Italian managers, maybe only a few from other nationalities. This tells me a lot to how a strong national community, with good people, brings and retain managers...
Axdron (16:32, 21 NOV)
Important point Marvelmouse

Do you know what is important for greeks El Che? I don’t, don’t have any greek friend to explain to me too. But one thing I’m sure: Italian league would not to be great if it wasn’t the effort of some Italians. And this effort brought Italian managers, maybe only a few from other nationalities. This tells me a lot to how a strong national community, with good people, brings and retain managers...
El Che (16:34, 21 NOV)
Yes, then there are people that like play in a legue as competitive as possible. They win less but they enjoy more the matches. Also this is wrong: why is I come fro France I must play against 8 bots each season and if I come from Italy is hard each match that you play? So, we leave people free to choose what they want. Glories (and for me also number of teams in the international cups) should proportional to the TSP (or for international cups to the position in the previous season, as in the real football) played in the league
El Che (16:42, 21 NOV)
Axdron of course Greek was just an example for say that what is important for Portugal people is also important for others. About italian copliments, I agree. We are not only the country that have more teams but also the country that bring more new-managers (also if many leave the game tired to play always in third or fourth division). So I expect that if we don't permit to italian managers to choose other leagues, in the future the balancement will become always worst
Axdron (16:46, 21 NOV)
Exactly what I've proposed El Che, if it needs to be changed: free choices to everyone and glory proportional to league size (TSP will be consequence, teams with high TSP will try to avoid others, probably). Let the national leagues organize themselves (the Portuguese can play together if they want, the Italians can play together or separate if they want too), it's a self regulatory system based on league subscriptions. I think with the friendly leagues Mitaka will develop, naturally, he will develop some tools that would be required for a change like this.
El Che (16:58, 21 NOV)
Yes, I strongly agree. It is the only solution that will work and (most important) it is a self regulatory systam for the future
Harrissonsml (16:59, 21 NOV)
The free choice have only to be allowed when we have a set time that forbid midnight matches :)
Axdron (17:04, 21 NOV)
In my suggestion Harrissonsml, you would play midnight only if you subscribe to the midnight league (or if you subscribe to a close to midnight league and that league was full or had too few managers, so you'll be moved)
El Che (17:13, 21 NOV)
Yes of course. The league can be formed following the time zone. In each time zone is not possible schedule match in the night (00:8 for example or larger). For countries with more time zones could be assumed the time zone of the capital or an avarage among the time zones. Each manager can choose the time zone more coform to his habit. If more country have the same time zone can be formed more leagues until fill the server capability
Benji (20:51, 21 NOV)
El Che

América, Oceania - 4 teams below 300
Europa do Leste, Asia, África - 1 team below 300,
Brasil - 2 teams below 300
Romenia - 4 teams below 300
China - 7 teams below 300
Portugal 4 teams below 300

like you can see, is not like you say. The Portuguese league is one of the strongest, and it will be more stronger in the future, there are 5 teams with youngsters improving season after season. In a few months you will have a Portuguese team with more than 400 points and without going to Europe.

Aside Italy, is better that almost every league.

This is why portuguese people want there league to be independent. Because is one of the strongest ones and will be more strong in the next seasons.
El Che (21:09, 21 NOV)
actually I count only taking into account the last day of league (friday) 8 portugese teams that have played with less of 300 TSP. In Italy no teams have played under 300 TSP and just 3 have played with less of 400 (because in rest). To reach 8 teams that have played with less of 300 you must go in fourth division. About the future is normal what you say: Portugal league is so weak that good teams can play with very young players training them. In Italy of course this is no possible
El Che (21:22, 21 NOV)
To be sure I have chacked better: in Italy of the four third leagues existing, the worst have played friday with 5 teams under 300, the other with just 3. So Portugal league in Italy should play in fourth division. Of course you can compare with other days or with the average TSP of the team but the result will not change
Mod- Michael (21:46, 21 NOV)
Mitaka what is the second thing on your list, " static positions"?
Aguia65 (21:56, 21 NOV)
El Che, sono sicuro che tutti i giocatori di una certa nazionalità dovrebbero giocare nel proprio paese. Per quanto riguarda le squadre secondarie che giocano nello stesso paese della squadra principale, non possono mai essere nella stessa serie né le due possono entrare nella divisione principale, ma penso che potrebbe essere possibile giocare in un altro paese. La TSI non ha nulla a che fare con la qualità del campionato.

El Che, I am sure that all players of a certain nationality should play in their own country. As for the secondary teams playing in the same country as the main team, they can never be in the same series nor can the two join in the main division but I think it might be possible to play in another country. The TSI has nothing to do with the quality of the championship.
El Che (22:47, 21 NOV)
so what we do, 100 leagues (one for each country)? Portugal people don't want change because they like win with bot teams. This game is skill based: TSP is a good index of how a team (or a league) is strong
Mod- Michael (22:51, 21 NOV)
uk, joining with portugal seems reasonable.
Benji (22:53, 21 NOV)
El Che

You only talk about Italy, Italy is the exception, see the other leagues...

We know Italy has a lot of excellent teams, mas they are the exception, not the rule.

Portuguese teams are evolving, at this moment we have 6 teams progressing day after day. in the next season, probably you will see almost all the teams above 300
Benji (22:55, 21 NOV)
Mod- Michael why?

Uk to join, it would be better with France for example in Western Europe.

And probably it would be a worst league than the Portuguese one :)
Mod- Michael (23:03, 21 NOV)
allesandro has a team in league france and league uk making that join impossible.
Mod- Michael (23:04, 21 NOV)
allesandro also has a team in western europe
Benji (23:06, 21 NOV)
So if i create a team in all the leagues, the merge is impossible? :D
Mod- Michael (23:10, 21 NOV)
maybe, i would happily create a team in the portugese league if i had the money.
El Che (23:10, 21 NOV)
for it make the managers free to choose the league is mandatory for make balanced the leagues. If you must balance join leagues to make a real balancement (as number of team, or TSP or what you want) just 2 league should exist: Italy and the rest of the world. However Portugal league is for sure one of the weaker. I can compare also with Benelux where I play: is very easy play in first division and stay in the first 4-5 positions and teams under 300 are just 3 in the first division. If a reorganization of the league will be done, is not possible that Portugal must play alone because some manager complain to play in a real league. UK is at a similar level of Portugal. France does not exist now (are about all bots)
Axdron (23:23, 21 NOV)
Benji stonks
Mod- Michael (23:24, 21 NOV)
the uk is very weak, there are 6 active teams, hearts, the socks, west ham, torino, frodo and bolt on wonder bras, only 2 teams have an av tsp over 300, torino and the socks.
Mod- Michael (23:26, 21 NOV)
what does stonks mean Axdron
Getas (23:35, 21 NOV)
As you seem interested in the opinion of a Greek, here I am! :P

For now a Greek league is not something we would be interested in: We have just 7 active teams (up from 3 just a month ago...). We are however actively promoting the game, and hope that the Greek community will continue to grow.

Most of our teams are very weak and new, and we have no guarantees that all of them will continue to exist. However if we manage to increase our player base and stabilise it, then probably, yes, we would be interested in having our own league.

What would be a good idea, however, is that the committee dicuss the issue of new country-league creation and set some specific criteria that would be that same for all.

Something like:

At least 20 active teams (active for at least 3 months) of which at least 5 had a TSP of 300+ and maybe also require a supporter among the 20?

Apart from anything else, such criteria would be a good incentive for people to try and get new blood into the game.

I may be missing some vital points in your debate, especially since I have reverted to the status of a complete noob in the game, but one thing that I do believe to be true is that most people enjoy games that they can play within their own national/linguistic community. This is also the reason for which I have translated the game into Greek.

Just my two cents...
Aguia65 (23:37, 21 NOV)
I think he Androx mean´s stones!
Getas (23:39, 21 NOV)
BTW, the criteria I mentioned could also be used inversely: any country league that falls below the requirements, would, after a period of 2-3 months, be fused into a wider, regional league: Greece, for example, would be re-fused into the Balkan league, etc...
Benji (23:53, 21 NOV)
El Che

Portugal is one of the weaker? Really? did you trouble to see the teams? You think that because you're not seeing right, we have 6 Teams growing, with young players.

In a few seasons, it will be one of the strongest. if not the strongest, aside Italy off course.

You really should ate least see the teams, and players before saying something like that. We have 6 teams in the 18-23 years generations
El Che (23:53, 21 NOV)
for sure the criterium must be a numrical one, no based on the complains
Mod- Michael (23:57, 21 NOV)
lol El Che .
Benji (00:03, 22 NOV)
El Che

I agree with that :)

put Italy aside and show me the numbers then ;)
El Che (00:07, 22 NOV)
Benji I know very well portugese team. They can grow a lot because they can play (also take positions (and coins) for international cups) with 18-23 years players. This is one of the stronger advantage to play in a weak league: make it in other more competitive leagues is impossible
El Che (00:09, 22 NOV)
ok tomorrow i will show you (now I go to the bed). Goodnight
Mod- Michael (00:16, 22 NOV)
league Uk is another example of that, for example, my team, heart of midlothian,
average age = 22
average tsp = 277
league position = 2
this means guarenteed qualification for the medalists or cup winners league next season, this will get my players around 0.25% experience and around 600-800 coins extra, in italy my team would be in league 4.something, if this continued until my players are 30, my players will have 2% more experience and 4800-6400 extra coins.
Benji (00:25, 22 NOV)
Mod- Michael

I have better TSP and i'm in 6 :p
Mitaka (06:29, 22 NOV)
About leagues reorganisation- my understanding is very similar (or probably the same) as Getas point of view.

National leagues, if too less teams there -> Regional league, if low number again -> Continental league.

I’m not planning any radical changes in leagues structure - nor in teams number, nor in hierarchy. Current settings works and will be used. Just grouping the teams in more competitive leagues, following the rule above.
Dragontao (10:56, 22 NOV)
As a realtive newbie, I have one question about the league re-organisation, regarding natch times. Are we able to unlaterally set the kick off times for our home matches.

If kick-pff times are pre-set and require both parties to agree a change, then whatever time zone they are set in could disadvantage some while handing an advantage to others, with the option for live subs and tacticval/formation changes, where some managers may not have time to view their games live. I'm making the assumption these live changes can have an impact on the outome of games where they are tight.

There would probably need to be some limitation on times that could be set to prevent managers from deliberately setting a time managers in other time zones can't realistically attend.
El Cebra (11:15, 22 NOV)

Aguia65 (11:42, 22 NOV)
I have already proposed an idea about the characteristics of the players on another post so that there is a balance of forces between stronger players with certain characteristics and others in other positions with other characteristics and I have had no comments on these ideas of mine. I wonder how far the game may be "hooked" in favor of some teams or championships to the detriment of others. I hope this is not true !!!
El Che (11:52, 22 NOV)
Mitaka, however it not solve the real problem of the league balacement: the over population of the italian league. To solve it I have another suggestion: create a new regional league (mediterranea or south-european) where managers geographically belong to it can optionally choose at the begining of season. Also I think that the leagues should have a maximum and a minimum of partecipant team. For example the maximum could be 72 (until the third division). New managers, if there are no bot place available in their national league, go to fill the regional league with the option to the next season to can apply for replace bot of their national league (if there are). The priority among the appliers can be given to the best positions in the regional league
Gioban (11:58, 22 NOV)
i like mitaka's idea for the championships :)
I would never share the Italian championship :) and beautiful so competitive :) and I hope one day all the championships will be like the Italian one
Google translate :)
El Che (13:14, 22 NOV)
Actually, make me sad to see that many people can't see one meter far from their nouse.. All the manager should have the same opportunities to grow their team, to be a NT manager, to play international cups, to play in weak or in competitive league. Discreminate them for their nationality, is ethically wrong and unproductive for the game
Gioban (13:27, 22 NOV)
I see very well beyond my nose hahaha xD
even in Italy you can do everything you say but you have to commit yourself and do well, and grow as a player :)
you are trying in every way to split our championship in two :( I hope you never succeed :)
Gioban (13:48, 22 NOV)
the idea of ​​grouping a few leagues to make all competitive Serie A is a great thing :) because you eliminate the problem of weak teams in the cups, then you have to invite and help new players as much as possible to advertise the game :) and all Mitaka's good work in improving the game raises the odds that goleada will grow in number :)
Gioban (13:48, 22 NOV)
Scusate il Google translate :)
Aguia65 (13:52, 22 NOV)
He ( El Che )is wanting to divide Italy and the other nations in order to be able to send more in the game. I hope Mitaka is attentive and don't let that happen!
El Che (13:58, 22 NOV)
Goleada can grow in number but likely will grow also the percent of italian teams. Group leagues (leaving high the number of leagues) have not any effect on the balancement. Most of the other leagues are too weak. Give the possibility at the italian managers to play out of the italian league is the only real solution.
Aguia65 (14:14, 22 NOV)
El Che, and does the money you pay to have second teams in other countries serve to help improve those same championships or to discredit players who for some reason do not invest in secondary teams?
Mod- Michael (14:29, 22 NOV)
get me popcorn, this should be interesting!
El Che (14:38, 22 NOV)
If you want really play in Goleada (NT cups, international cups, make grow your team) and you are italian, you are forced to have a second team and this is a big injustice. Say that, I'm glad to finance the game and I will keep my second team also if could be possible choose the league where play with my first one
Axdron (15:00, 22 NOV)
Agreed Mitaka , Getas viewpoint was very important. I think it must start by setting the minimum, like the NT has (at least 50 players and 2 or 3 managers, don´t remember now). Or deliver in the hands of the committee. On this way, I will make an observation, maybe one season will not be enough, some managers can organize and create some teams at the end of a season to get a league and then some teams get deleted after... Maybe two or three seasons above the limit
Aguia65 (15:04, 22 NOV)
I do not criticize who funds the game but no one is forced to pay to play. If we had to pay, probably instead of 300 users, there would be a maximum of 12. Is that what you want for the game?
Mitaka (15:56, 22 NOV)
AxdronOr deliver in the hands of the committee.
Yes, this will be in hands of the committee. They will decide separating or uniting leagues (National, Regional, Continental).
Aguia65 (16:01, 22 NOV)
Thanks Mitaka for the explanation. Hopefully the decision is quick and the best for everyone!
El Che (16:05, 22 NOV)
Yes, Italian must pay for play (taking 2 or 3 teams), the rest of the world can play free. This is a big discrimiation and it is likely the main reason because the team number not grow so much (italian minor managers leave the game)
Axdron (16:23, 22 NOV)
But El Che , someone said there league reorganization should not be based on complaints 🙂
El Che (16:30, 22 NOV)
That is the reality no complaints
Benji (16:40, 22 NOV)
El Che

Why Italian must pay for play? They cant play fro free?

I never went do any European competition. it will be hard do make it there with quaresma, afgani, melga, harrison as the top managers in Portugal.

Probably if you have a team in Portugal, you will not win as the same.
Benji (16:48, 22 NOV)
in the top 15 managers of goleada, 5 are in the Portuguese league.

i think that's count for something relative the strength off the league :)
El Che (17:01, 22 NOV)
Yes but you play in the first division (making moneys when you play your matches) and you have (at least hypothetically) chances to win NT elections and take positions for the medalist cups. This is impossible for most of the italian people that must play in third or fourth division without see any coins. In long time it is boring and you can get any satisfaction, so that people play some season and the leave the game
El Che (17:06, 22 NOV)
About the managers, glory is based on the trophy won, so it's normal that if you play in a weak league is more easy also grow in the manager list. For it use manager glories as a measure of the league strenght is basically wrong. I'm sure that if I could play with one of my teams in a Portgal league I will be in the first positions of the league
Benji (17:11, 22 NOV)
Again, you only talk about Italy, again Italy is the exception, not the rule :)

El Che (17:14, 22 NOV)
Italian teams are more than 50% of the Goleada teams. It is more than an exception
Getas (17:21, 22 NOV)
To quote from my previous post "At least 20 active teams (active for at least 3 months)..." One season is about a month, isn't it? So basically we agree that the activity of the teams has to be sustained over a long period of time!

But I think it would be good if the Committee set specific (and strict) rules for the creation of any new national championships, that will be the same for all: As I said before, it might be a great unsentive for people to bring new users into the game and to help these new users integrate and stay in the game!
Axdron (17:25, 22 NOV)
Yep Getas, one season is around one month. And do you mean every league having it’s own rules? If yes, I do agree, but Mitaka says it’s not possible.
Benji (17:42, 22 NOV)
El Che

because of that, you need to see outside Italy. Because, in that point of view, we should only have 2 leagues.

Italy, Rest of the world.

Is that what you want?

In my opinion, we should have 12 leagues.

So we can have 2 groups of 6 in Champions League, and so on..

What champions league would it be if we have only 4 leagues? or 6? group of 3 teams, really? :/
Ececchi (17:47, 22 NOV)
Splitting the Italian championship would be like cutting your balls off to spite your wife. The Italian championship is so beautiful, ruining it because there are other "bad" leagues is certainly not the solution.

My opinion and various other Italians I am talking to now. Wouldn't like it, if not for those who want to win and can't do it now.
El Che (17:52, 22 NOV)
No of course I don't want 2 leagues. My main solution is to have a similar number of leagues of now but make free people to choose the league to balance them. As it don't like to Mitaka my second proposal is to have at least 8 league but introduce a new one (South-european or Mediterraneum) where italian (or also other countries) people can play. Moreover the number of team that play international cups should be proportional to the strenght of the league or based on the results of the previous season (as in the real football)
El Che (17:58, 22 NOV)
Ececchi that you and your friend want leave the things like that does not mean nothing. With my proposal people that want play in the italian league (because have teams ad friends for win) they can continuos to play in. People that will leave the national league evidently will no think like that
Ececchi (18:05, 22 NOV)
it is enough for me that the Italian championship is not divided into regions or something like that. Where do you go to play or where those who don't want to compete in a difficult league go, I don't care much.
El Che (18:07, 22 NOV)
Nobody have said it
Ececchi (18:11, 22 NOV)

Instead I read, written by Mitaka:
National leagues, if too less teams there -> Regional league, if low number again -> Continental league.

Gioban (18:13, 22 NOV)
Nu speriamo di no :(
El Che (18:18, 22 NOV)
Mitaka don't have spoken about national league with too many teams (italian case). For Regional he mean group of countries (Balcanic, north/est european and so on)
El Che (18:19, 22 NOV)
He remand the solution to the commision
Axdron (18:23, 22 NOV)
Don't worry El Che friendly leagues will come to let you play with whom you want and in the competitive level you want. You'll just need people that want to play with you too...
El Che (18:28, 22 NOV)
Thank you Axdron, I prefer win in leagues rather than in friendly. Friendly leagues can be played also now
Mitaka (20:59, 22 NOV)
El Che, it was proposed many, many times to allow everyone to select his league freely.

And I always repeat one and the same - the national leagues belongs to their nations. People prefer to be talk their native language, to have fun with their native jokes, to speak according their national culture.

I can't imagine all/most of national leagues to be flooded with foreign managers. Doesn't matter the nationality... Probably someone could say - "it exists with additional teams". Yes, but the effect is very minor compared with the possible free league selection.

If it is allowed - we will lose national spirit of all leagues (not for the biggest, of course). So - this is not an option at all.
Aguia65 (21:14, 22 NOV)
That's right. Thanks Mitaka for the explanation. For me it is clear and finished !!!
El Che (21:28, 22 NOV)
Yes I know your position also if I don't agree. I want only stress to you that with the actual teams in Goleada, national leagues are possible just for 2-3 countries (Italy, Brasil and maybe some other). Regional leagues are already a group of countries with different languages and different nationality.
However I know that you will not change your mind, so I have also suggest another solution for balance the leagues: permit to the italian teams to choosse between their National league and a Regional ones (South-European or Mediterranea). In this way we can have more balance preserving the present groups (that are already a mix of countries)
Mod- Michael (21:33, 22 NOV)
uk league, 4 italians, two uk managers, one of whom ie. me doesn't want to be in the uk anyway.
Mitaka (21:56, 22 NOV)
This is another thing that I don't understand at your point at all. Italy.

Italians have better game than any other nation. They have competitive and interesting league than no other nation have.

To keep your place on B, or to win a promotion to upper league, or the pride/satisfaction just to play in A, or just an intrigue and suspense in most of the matches - challenges no one else have :) All that with friends nearby... Why this should be lost because of several games in international tournaments. Imo, the winning Italy is much more precious than everything else.

If all others have a game, Italy has game+ (better, more interesting, competitive and challenging game).
Mitaka (22:07, 22 NOV)
El Che...balance the leagues...
Of course I will try to find a balance as usual. Another question is if it will be successful :)

Radebrecht posted a wonderful solution about never-forgotten-glory, but decreasing with the time. On the other side - glory will be different depending from the league won and its average TSP. So - in theory, it should balance the possible Put-more-effort from the winners of weaker leagues.

We will see....

El Che (22:17, 22 NOV)
This is true for the few teams that play in the first league (we can say 10) but no for most of the italian teams that must play in second, third, fourth or fifth leagues (more than 170 teams). For them there are no money for grow and no chance to play in the real game (international cups). A new italian user know that just 1 % or less will play in first league also if he will play for many years. In fact are almost the same teams (except very few new entries) that play permanently in first division or go and back in the second one. Most of these new teams leave the game after some seasons also if probably they are not so worst of their collegues that play international cups in other leagues
Mitaka (22:41, 22 NOV)
Of course. It should be clear (at least for you, as you play for long time) that success is not guaranteed. At the end of the season - only one team takes the title. The others need another targets to be successful.

If your only target is the very top - then you have a biggest challenge. This is not a game that everyone could win and find satisfaction. Nothing is guaranteed - you play against real persons. And there is always someone better than you :) (who said that... :)

And (as usual) Goleada is different again - will not care for everyone satisfaction. There are enough games that care for that :)


I'm still smiling when I often read that I don't care for new users. Quoted out of the context, but repeated thousand times it becomes true. Let's see for the satisfaction ;)
El Che (23:07, 22 NOV)
Yes but everybody should have the same (or similar) chances indipendently from the nationality
Axdron (23:15, 22 NOV)
Would be more honest if you say that you know you can´t win then want to change the rules =)

In my opinion, Italian is not the hardest league, Romania is hell. Cris , Aptul and Danciualin23
in a same league, we should delete at least one of them to preserve game balance.
El Che (23:24, 22 NOV)
Axdron you speak a lot but you don't know so much. Cris and Aptul play also in the italian first league and I play in the first italian league and in the first positions in Benelux. I win enough, I don't have this problem. Nevertheless, I don't see your team in the international cups. Why? You don't know everything?
Mod- Michael (23:27, 22 NOV)
more popcorn please!
Axdron (23:57, 22 NOV)
El Che because Brazilian league isn't easy enough to win with a u25 team and I don't have intentions in bend the rules to favours my kind of play to harm my compatriots fun =)
Axdron (00:02, 23 NOV)
But ok, this went far from ideas, I don't want to extend it anymore, feel free to make a final statement
Mitaka (15:51, 24 NOV)
I've just watched a game, with a tactical instructions that (together with off-side) grouped two forward on same spot again (or very close each other). Something that should be prevented with the last changes.

Anyway - this gave me a clean idea about the "off-sides". Now I'm ready to work on them :)