[UPDATE] The committee

Real Power in the Hands of the Community

This week the Committee tasks were updated.

Now the Committee has real power to change some of game/match settings.

Everyone can propose a request for settings-change at the Committee page. And if the Committee approves the change, it will be applied immediately, a.k.a. the game or the match-engine will use the new settings exactly after the approval.

Proposing a new ideas to the Committee is removed. If someone wants to share his suggestion/idea, he can do that on forums (Feedback & Proposals -> Ideas).

Thumbs Up, Committee! I hope you will keep the balance better than now!


Aptul (07:48, 21 NOV)
Thank you for your service, committee members! Keep up the good job!
Mitaka (07:50, 21 NOV)
I remove one limitation for the Committee members. Now they can vote on their proposals as well.

I think that the Committee members are one of the most experienced managers, so they should have to possibility to propose a changes, without limitation.
Aptul (08:15, 21 NOV)
I already submitted two ideas to them. Thank you Dimitar for letting them do part of the work!
Mitaka (08:22, 21 NOV)
Thanks, Aptul. But my idea was to remove idea proposals from the committee. It doesn’t work. They can decide everything, but I should work on it.

The current system is something that will work. And give them a real decisions.
Alberto (09:37, 21 NOV)
Blagodaria Mitaka
Axdron (11:35, 21 NOV)
Mitaka I think it will work well, but since the ideas will move to the forum, I will suggest you to add a like/dislike feature there, so, would be easier to know if an idea is popular or not (and probably will reduce the discussions too, since people will not need to write to tell how they fell about something). No need to do urgently, but would be nice.
Cosmoanarca (12:47, 21 NOV)
Since I got to the committee, I always abstained to vote my proposals. The vote in that case could be about main changes in the game, and I do not think it would have been correct to vote pro my own proposals.
Now the committee is an instrument of fine tuning of the engine. It will seek for balance. No new features, no removal of features. Committee can only vote for parameters selected by Mitaka. The power is more real (I agree with Mitaka on this), but much smaller than before.
Not least, I guess committee members abstention is not possible anymore. What should we do? Should we reject our own proposals? :-/
Given these considerations, IMO it is not logic/possible anymore for members not voting their own proposals, unless we start a ridicule pass-by-another-manager mode.
I will take this approach from now onward. If setting will change again in the future, leading to an increased “power” of decision to the committee, I will review this position, and strictly adhere again to my original approach.
This explication is just to respect the managers that voted for me at the committee.
Cosmoanarca (12:52, 21 NOV)
Good point Axdron
I was going to suggest a similar instrument to Mitaka.
Something that easily record positive (or negative) consideration of new ideas by all managers.