Mod- Michael (12:55, 17 NOV)
well that went down like a lead balloon
Harrissonsml (20:40, 19 NOV)
I play chess like a sh*t :/
Mod- Michael (20:59, 19 NOV)
really? thank goodness someone actually plays.
Axdron (01:37, 20 NOV)
I'll pass. Waiting for the Truco community
Mod- Michael (09:35, 20 NOV)
truco? what is that?
Harrissonsml (10:35, 20 NOV)
Truco is the best card game ever!
Axdron (16:04, 20 NOV)
As Harrissonsml said, it’s a very popular game in South America, but with different rules in every place. Harrissonsml probably doesn’t play with Spanish deck like here in South of Brazil (here is part of our culture). I know how to play both.
Harrissonsml (16:21, 20 NOV)
Axdron have only one way to play truco...
Aguia65 (17:29, 20 NOV)
Harrissonsml, assim vale a pena!!! kkkkkkkk

Harrissonsml, That way it´s very cool!!! kkkkkk
Axdron (19:09, 20 NOV)
Harrissonsml indeed, this is the only rule that doesn't change haha