Important Announcement: Closure Of Goleada

Dear Goleada community,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closure of Goleada at the end of this September. After a wonderful journey of 9 years, it's time for us to say goodbye.

Throughout this period, I am genuinely grateful for the countless wonderful individuals I've met along the way, many of whom have become dear friends.

Regrettably, with increasing expenses and an inability to foresee a profitable future for Goleada, it has become untenable for me to support its continued operation.

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It's (almost) time...

Semi-addio estivo

La calura estiva accompagna quelle che ormai sono le ultime stagioni di Goleada1 e allora forse è il tempo di fare un po' di bilanci (seppur a grandi linee). Beh c'è poco da fare, abbiamo vinto praticamente tutto e con tutte le squadre, sia di club che nazionali. Persino, miracolosamente, con la piccola Jamaica, un'esperienza che mi ha riportato alla mente lo slogan "Nessuno mai crederci potrà, Jamaica la sua squadra di bob avrà" del film "Cool Runnings - Quattro Sottozero" :)
Il mio amico Cecc...

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The tournaments are over

Hi guys,

I’ve just been notified about the problem with the tournaments. And I see there is a huge mess there. Before one or two seasons it happened again and I somehow found a solution, but this time - I can’t work on that.

Sorry to say - but I will close tournaments. I’ve just don’t have any free time to dig for the bugs and to solve them. I have too much work and tasks on my job and on my other project. It is extremely difficult to find time, to “enter” again in this proje...

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Match Replays Are Not Available Anymore

Hi guys,

Just to to post the info that Match Replays are not available anymore in Goleada 1. I attached that server to Goleada Nano today.

Let me use that article to say that Goleada Nano had been changed a lot during the last months, and there is a free competitive model already, if someone is interested. Experts are always welcomed :)

Have a nice weekend!...

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Tournaments Fix

Hi, I started work today with the yesterday's case about tournaments draw games with no extension time.

I thought different solutions, but at last I decided most reliable one, with the lowest risk of unexpected affects.

I moved the draw games outside of round and scheduled new games instead of the draw matches. Those new games will be normal playoffs (the bug was fixed yesterday and it worked).

Those games are scheduled for tomorrow.

The affected tournaments were: The Outsiders (1 game), The Cup ...

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Goleada Nano will start tomorrow

I receive a lot of questions about Goleada Nano, so let me inform those that are interested.

1-st January is a good date for a game birthday :)

And although I'm not fully ready, I will open the beta version and will start first season of Goleada Nano.

Probably there will be an unexpected problems, but I will fix them on a fly. The desktop version is not tuned yet, I didn't found time (and device) to test on Android, there is a lot of functionality still waiting to be finished. But... let's go. I will de...

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