Meno Polemiche, più sorrisi

In questi giorni ho visto troppe polemiche e troppe discussioni inutili

El Cebra
Mi sono connesso 10 minuti da un hotspot ( sono in un posto dove non prende linea ne wifi) e ho trovato solo polemiche, discussioni e post infiniti dei soliti noti che non apprezzano il lavoro altrui e che hanno sempre da ridire.

Che dire, torno nell isolamento delle coste Sarde XD

Scherzi a parte, è un gioco, sorridete e divertitevi.

Grazie Mitaka per tutto quello che fai e peril tempo che riesci a dedicarci.

P.S. ho comprato una nuova camicia XD...

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Default times of matches - League Northern-Central Europe

Hello everyone, since Mitaka has solicited a proposal regarding the update of the default match times of the various leagues, what do we do for Northern-Central Europe? I'll start (someone has to do it): personally I would keep the current schedule (21.40), then logically there will be, as usual, the time changes (free if you play at home, subject to agreement otherwise).
Have your say that I said mine :)...

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[Top Leagues] Daily Starting Hour


Pquaresma asked me in the past for better daily league hour, the current one is too late for the Portuguese managers.

I will try to solve this manually, I will not implement a functionality. Just I will set the top leagues starting hours to more convenient time.

I will need one that majority of managers in every top league prefer. Probably article or forum topic, with at least 7 managers from the league, that confirm wanted default hou...

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Sponsors - Strategy Contract

Important change

Now there is a hard limit of 6 to the number of match-strategies you can use during the season. A.k.a. you can't use "Speed" more than 6 times during the season. The same for all other strategies, except "None". You can use "None" as many times, you want.

The sponsors will break the contact if a one and the same strategy is used more than 4 times (nothing changed there). But when the contract is broken, all the money from the contract will be lost. Note, that this can result in negative balance. The only exception is ...

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This is an informative article:

The commite have approved a new man-marking limit: The limit now is only one.

Was in the table reduce for 3 or for only one. As most of you know, we are five people and I approve both changes. As we need to reach 4 votes to approve a change, we get it first in the one man limit. We think that it was the best thing to do for the game.

If we see that we need to improve, any request will be analised - as we always did. Be safe and good game!...

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There is an important change (already on servers) this season - the goal shooting process:

1. The player decides to shoot at the goal
2. He needs the "Decisions" skill to choose the right target. If the "Decisions" are not enough (probability - better skill, better chance), the shot will be out the goal.
3. If he chooses a good target, the skill "Shooting" will decide whether the shot is accurate or not (probability - better skill, better chance). If not - a shot outside the goal.
4. If the s...

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