[Goleada] The Game Development

Next main target - the leagues

The development targets were reordered again. As the season end is near, the league reorganization is pushed on the top.

This week - I finished the payment gateway at last. Unfortunately not at best way - it took me too much time and it is not as I expected. After a very long time spent to deal with that - at last Goleada has a payment solution... in leva?!? (Bulgarian currency). I can't believe it is possible, but Goleada can't receive payments in Euro (just to expensive - spent time and/or money). Our Bulgarian regu...

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Gracias Diego por tantas alegrías

Hoy es un día tristísimo para los amantes del futbol, para Argentina, para muchos amigos del mundo que se emocionaron cada vez que Diego ingresaba a cualquier estadio del mundo y regalaba su magia.
Algunos creían que era un ser humano e intentaban interpretarlo desde ese lugar. Diego era un Dios, que por misericordia, quiso nacer en un barrio muy humilde de Buenos Aires.
Se hizo hombre para demostrarnos que si soñamos algo con todo el corazón podemos hacerlo realidad. Que no tenemos ...

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Ti sparo o Raddoppi?

Assemblea annuale di Bilancio Baun

Ieri sera nella villa della Presidentessa Mateeva si è trattenuto il consueto incontro degli azionisti della Baun in relazione della approvazione del Bilancio delle sezione Sport.

Breve nota che introduceva la ormai matematica retrocessione nella serie C del campionato Italiano del Ac Carpi 1909, mentre sorprende la salvezza ampiamente anticipata del Dobrudhza...

Dividendo le Cose, la presidentessa ha annunciato che ha preso la squadra con una cassa di 8000 soldi e che a fine stagione conta di incrementa...

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Romanian trio rules!

Today nothing in development, just a clash with Bulgarian accountants, I have nothing to do, but following their directions... Unpleasant, but no choice.

So - let's change my thoughts to something pleasant. Let's congratulate my neighbors - the Big Romanians. Seems they rule Goleada nowadays :)

And dry statisti...

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[Lineup] Default positioning

More Conservative Attack Points for Defenders

Another update today - the attack points for defensive players (defenders and defensive midfielders) are pulled back.

Here is a current setting of positioning (Default Attack/Defense Points and Defense Zones) -

Of course they can be seen in tactical editor as well.


In addition - using tactical editor and saved lineups, we can create different approaches for the ...

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3D viewer - Away Team Kit

You can manually select it

Another little, but useful feature was added yesterday.

Sometimes the teams have similar colors and it is difficult for our eyes to make difference between home and away players.

So - in 3D match-viewer we have new button "T-shirt" close to "exit" button (see the attached image).

Clicking on "T-shirt", we can manually change the away team-kit and we can find a good eye combination and we can easily see the home-away players difference.

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Andiamo a conoscere 01EPPEP di ASC SORSO

Bene, andiamo a conoscere Peppe e da oggi così sapremo chi contttare in caso di malore per gol subito all'ultimo minuto o per dormire la notte dopo una partita molto tirata :)

Il tuo vero nome:


Chi sei? Parlaci di te

Come detto prima sono Giuseppe, ho 39 anni e faccio il farmacista, vivo a Sorso, un piccolo paesino a 3 Km dal mare situato nel nord Sardegna

Quale squadra/e tifi nel calcio reale?

Tifo sin da...

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[UPDATE] The tactics editor

I've just uploaded the next update this season - several changes in the tactics editor, that will affect the matches.

Man-Marking Limit
Now we have limitation how many opponents we can man-mark. The current limit is 2. A.k.a. we can't set more than 2 our player with order "Man-Mark".

If someone feels that 2 is not the right number, he can send a proposal to the Committee. (see my previous article)

Defense Zone - Attack only opponents with a ball...

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[UPDATE] The committee

Real Power in the Hands of the Community

This week the Committee tasks were updated.

Now the Committee has real power to change some of game/match settings.

Everyone can propose a request for settings-change at the Committee page. And if the Committee approves the change, it will be applied immediately, a.k.a. the game or the match-engine will use the new settings exactly after the approval.

Proposing a new ideas to the Committee is removed. If someone wants to share his suggestion/idea, he can do that on forums (Feedback & Proposals ->...

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