Goleada 'Crews'

Idea for competition

Manfred Lewis
I have an idea for the competitiveness of Goleada - Crews. This is where a group of Managers/friends can join each other to gain Glory points and try to beat other Crews. The crew can have its own forum, logo, manager/administrator, trophies wall etc. It does not have any effect on the game itself, just as bragging rights for the Crew. Therefore, it isn't essential but I think it will be very fun and competitive... The way to work this will be under the "World" tab have a tab called "Crews". people can go on this...

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horaires des matchs


Au titre de passer pour un vieux radoteur (j'ai 67 ans),les problèmes horaires ne sont toujours pas résolus,même si il y a possibilité de demander à l’adversaire de demander un report mais celui ci à le droit d’ignorer la requête: ce qui est le cas ce soir pour mes 2 équipes programmées à 21 heures
Y a t'il un pilote dans l'avion GOLEADA pour y remédier?
Par exemple modifier automatiquement les plages horaires des managers possédant 2 clubs...

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[New] Managers Page

Most Glorious Managers, New Managers & Top Inviters

Now we can see most glorious managers - a list with the managers that won titles and tournaments. Every tournament win, title or medal is counted into the Glory account. The National League Titles and National Cup have different weights in different countries to reflect the difficulty difference.
On that page could be seen the last registered managers too (for the last week). We can see their country, their tea, the registration date, the inviter (if exists) and icon for manager's licence (gr...

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